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Episode 1.01- A Mole Is Born

Announcer: "8 strangers are off on an adventure, working together to pass a series of tests. Each test they pass will add money to a group pot that, in the end, only one of the them will win. But one of these players is the mole, a secret agent working for use to sabotage to group's efforts. Every few days there's a quiz on the mole. The player who scores the lowest on the quiz must leave the game immediately. It is a simple game: be observant, expose the mole, and claim the money! Now, however, they are still wondering...Who is the Mole?

Announcer: "Is it Bella Anderson, the 21 year-old alchemist from Michigan, USA?

"Taylor Bam, the 34-year old author from Berlin, Germany?"

"Amelia Grant, a 66 year-old retired journalist and full-time granny from New York, New York, USA?"

"Englebert Humperdink, an 87 year-old retired fairy hunter from Liverpool, England?

"Rob Lopp, a 37 year-old computer programmer from Zurich, Switzerland?"

"Will Miller, a 20 year-old actor from Los Angelas, California, USA?"

"Ludwig Smosterbeard, a 39 year-old banker from London, England?"

"Or Madison Winter, a 25 year-old firefighter from Vermont, USA?

Announcer: "The contestants are driving into their new home in one of two vans. This is the first time that they are seeing each other. In the blue van we have Bella and Will in the front seat and Englebert and Ludwig in the back seat."

"And in the orange van we have Madison and Amelia in the front of the vanand Taylor and Rob in the back of the van."

Announcer: "Hello, contestants, and welcome to your new home. I'm sure your wondering why you can't see me. Well, it has to do with pesky legal restrictions which state that we can only have 8 people living in a house at a time. Once we have our first execution in two days, I will move in with all of you. But until then, lets keep my idedentity a secret, shall we?"

"So, take a good look around. The person to your left, the person to your right could be the mole. Or you could be the mole, trying to blend in with all of the others around you. Well, why don't we go around and introduce ourselves. I am your host, here to guide your through this adventure."

NOTE: (Italics mean that the creator of the sim actually wrote what you are reading.)

Rob: "Uh, hi, how is everyone? My name is Rob, and I am a computer programmer. I don't make a whole lot of money, so that's the only reason I auditioned to be on this show. I want the prize! I am am also, uh, hoping that you guys will make it easy to win this thing. I'd like to say, I'm, uh, smart, or a least not too stupid."

Will: "Hello, how is everyone?My name is Will Miller, and I'm a positively thrilled to be here. You may know me from my hit movie, 'Daylight'. I hope you all do your best to make the most of this oppurtunity. I, of course, have plenty of money, I am only here for bragging rights. Anyway, I'm sure I'll come to like many of you, unless you're the mole: then I hate you!"

Bella: "Hi erveryone. I'm Bella. Some people think I'm mean but those people are stupid and annoying so don't listen to those jerks. In fact I won the friendliest face award, jelous?! Anyway I'm gonna beat all these wierdos so get your billboards ready, and if you don't have one ready, you know when I win, then you'll be sorry!"

Madison: "Hello, my name is Madison Winter. I live in Vermont and I have 4 horses named Violet, Sunshine, Spotty, and Sparkle. I love to ride them. My favorite color is turquoise, and I'm very glad to be here today."

Taylor: "Hello, my name is Taylor BAM. I really think that I will get to the end of this show. Anyway I traveled a long way to get here from Germany to get here and I really want to do this for my HUGE family. They will be so surprised when I get home and tell them that I won. Especially my younger brother. He is very sick and we don't have a enough money."

Ludwig: " 'Ello, chaps. Lovely morning, isn't it? I am positively tickled to be here. And of course, I shall win. I am a Smosterbeard and Smosterbeards win everything that they attempt. Naturually, as a banker, I am very wealthy, so I don't really need the money, but maybe I'll donate it to charity."

Amelia: "Why hello dearies. I'm just an old grandma trying to enjoy her retirement. If I win, the prize money will do nicely to send my grandchildren to college. I'm excited to spend the next few weeks with everyone. Good luck!"

Englebert: "'Ello!  Name's Englebert, but you can call me Englebert.  I like lotsa fings, I do!  My favorites include long walks on the beach, hunting faries, clubbing baby seals, hunting fairies, and my favorite fing to do- hunting faries on the beach with a baby seal club!  Oh, and if I win I'll buy me a big fancy fairy-catching net!"

(NOTE: I know this is the same picture I used earlier. I forgot to take a picture of Englebert here.)

Announcer: "Alright, you may now enter the house."

Taylor: "I want to be the first inside!"

Bella: "Oh no you don't! I deserve to be the first! I'm going to win it!"

Taylor: "Oops. Too late, I'm already inside. Wow, its amazing in here!"

Contestants: Ooo! Ah!

Ludwig: "Excuse me, aren't you forgetting about someone!"
Madison: "Why don't you come in?
Ludwig: "I'm not about to rush in and get all sweaty and smelly. I'll take my time, thank you very much!"

Rob: "This is such a nice house! Look at that sculpture!"

Englebert: "Oi, what's this fing for?"
Announcer: "That's one of our testing rooms, where you will take the mole quiz each week."

Announcer: "There are 8, of them, so you can all take the test at the same time."
Englebert: "That's absolutely bonkers! What a waste of space!"

Bella: "Oh, wicked! There's an alchemy station, so I can practice here!"

Madison: "I'm going to check out the bedrooms!"

Madison: "Hmm, they seem to all be the same. I guess this one is as good as any!"

Bella: "Hey I'm rooming with you! No, don't argue! I need a roomate, and you seem easy enough to push around."
Madison: "I guess--"
Bella: "Great! This is my bed!"

Announcer: "Hey, that T.V.'s only for the results!"
Rob: "Now its for watching gingerbread house competitions!"

Amelia: "This'll be my room!"

Englebert: " 'Ello love. Wanna sleep in my bedroom?"
Amelia: "Uh, no thanks. You're a tad...strange."

Will: "Hey, my name is Will. Nice to meet you."
Rob: "Hey! Would you like to room with me?"
Rob: "Sure! Sounds like fun."

Ludwig: "Can I share a room with you, madam?"
Amelia: "Why certainly! You seem a lot more normal than that...other guy! :shudders:"

Ludwig: "Yeah, you seem simply darling!"
Amelia: "Thanks, hon. Hey, would you like to form a coalition?"
Ludwig: "Why not! Sounds jolly good!"

Englebert: "If anyone wants me I'll be in 'ere...and I know you all want me!"
Bella: "Yeah, I'm sure! It hurts to look at you!"

Taylor: "OMG, I'd totally room with you. You are sooo cool!"

Englebert: "Great, I got stuck with the strangest roommate..."

Bella: "You seem like one of the most normal ones here. Let's team up."
Madison: "Alright, but we need to get Taylor to join us too. Girl power!"

Amelia: "You are just so sweet! Remind me of my late husband!"
Ludwig: "You are enchanting as well! Really, madam we have to go out for tea sometime once this is over!"
Amelia: "And scones? Consider it done."

Rob: "Hey, lets go check the yard out!"
Will: "Sorry, I'd rather not. I don't sunlight all that much."
Rob: "Oh, gotcha! You are pale! You wouldn't want to burn."

Rob: "We have a hot tub! Awesome! Is anyone looking?"

Rob: "Ah, that feels good!"

Bella: "You are disgusting! Put your clothes on!"

Madison: "Hey, Taylor, Bella and I were thinking about teaming up! Girl power, ya know? Would you like to join us?"
Taylor: "I guess. Sure, I think we can make it to the end!"

Englebert: "Oi, that sounds bloody brilliant! Mind if I have a go?"

Amelia: "I do mind, but I guess you can."
Englebert: "Right, thanks."

Amelia: "Wow, you are a horrible upright bass player!"
Englebert: "You mean this fing's not a banjo?"

Ludwig: "Your playing is lovely, Amelia! Mind if I join you as well?"
Amelia: "Of course not, Ludwig! :giggles:"

Announcer: "Bella, Will, those computers are only for the quiz!"
Bella: "Oh, can it."
Will: "Yeah, quiz, schmiz!"
Announcer: "I am deeply offended! Well, you need to get off those computers anyhow, because its time for your first challenge!"

Announcer: "Everyone gather on the four couches in the living room!

Rob: "Alright, who are we missing?"
Ludwig: "Amelia, darling, come to the living room!"

Amelia: "I'm coming, I'm coming! Ow, my back!"

Announcer: "Alright are we all here? Okay, good. This challenge is called, "I Alpha-Bet You Can't Spell a Word". It is a scavenger hunt. Scattered outside are the various items. There is one that starts with each consonant of the alphabet and two that start with every vowel. Your job is to try to spell the longest word possible."

"You will each, one by one, run outside and try to find as many items as possible in ten minutes, using the first letters of those items to spell words. Each word has to be at least two or three letters, and any extra letters in your word will be worth ten points each."

"However, be carefull, because each additional letter that you take that you don't use will result in points deducted from your final score, so yes it is possible to have a negative score."

"You also need to be careful, because every word, obviously, requires a vowell. If you use too many vowells, there will not be enough for the people who go after you to make words."

"Each 2 or 3 letter word that you make is worth 20 points, and each additional letter in your word is worth 10 points. Each extra letter that you have left over is 1 point subtracted from your final score, so be sure to deliberate before deciding to pick up any letters. Are we ready?"
Everyone: "Yes!"

Announcer: "Madison, you are first! And your ten minutes!"

Madison: "Okay, let's do this!"

Madison: "I found a toilet!"
Announcer: "That's a T, do you want to take it?"
Madison: "Sure, why not?"

Madison: "This is an ice sculpture!"
Announcer: "An I!"
Madison: "Oo, a vowell! I need that!"

Madison: "What's this? A key?"
Announcer: "To the city! Do you want it? It's a K."
Madison: "Sure!"

Madison: "Here's an egg!"
Announcer: "An E!"
Madison: "Cool, I'll take it!"

Madison: "What's this, some sort of exercise poster?"
Announcer: "They're doing yoga! It's a Y!"
Madison: "Eh, no thanks. I don't need a Y."

Madison: "I found a bale! That's a B!"
Announcer: "Wrong, its a hay bale! H!
Madison: I don't want an H!

Madison: "Here's a flamefruit bush!"
Announcer: "Want an F?"
Madison: "Um, not really.
Announcer: "Okay, Madison, your letters are T, K, E, and I. What do you want to spell?
Madison: "I want to spell "tike".
Announcer: "That word is worth 30 points! Since you have no extra letters, that is your final score. You may go inside now."

Announcer: "Okay, Madison, welcome back!"

Announcer: "Bella, it is now time for you to go!"
Bella: "Ugh, alright, lets get it over with."

Bella: "Here's a xylophone! Oh crud, that starts with X! No, I don't want it!"

Bella: "Oh, what's that?"

Bella: "Is that a horse?"
Announcer: "Actually, its called a Zenyetta!"
Bella: "Argh, a Z! Oh noes! I don't want it!"

Bella: "Cool, I found a couch! It was hard to see in the bushes, but I found it!"
Announcer: "Do you want a C?"
Bella: "Yes please!"

Bella: "I'm getting tired! I don't think I'll have time to get as many items as the other contestants!"

Bella: "I was drawn straight to the light! I'll take an L from this lamp, and what's that behind me?"

Bella: "A flamefruit bush?"
Announcer: "Yup, want an F?
Bella: "No! I need vowells!

Bella: Drat! A hay bale!
Announcer: Would you like it? An H?
Bella: No! I didn't get a single vowell!
Announcer: Bad luck! Or good luck, if you are the mole! Sorry, you can't make a word without vowells, but you had two leftover letter, so your total score is -2.
Bella: Boo!
Announcer: You may go inside now!

Announcer: "Bella, welcome back!"

Taylor: "Let's do this!"

Taylor: "Bella, why didn't you mention that it was raining? Uggh, I found a flamefruit plant!"
Announcer: "Want an F?"
Taylor: "Yes! I think I shall take it."

Taylor: "What's this?"
Announcer: "An incense holder? It's an I."
Tayler: "Cool, a vowell! I'll take it!"

Taylor: "Is this a pumpkin?"
Announcer: "Nope, a Jack-O-Lantern. Worth a J."
Taylor: Eww, I don't want a J.

Taylor: "This rain is slowing me down!"

Taylor: "Aww, is this..."
Announcer: "A unicorn tombstone."
Taylor: "Aw, the poor unicorn! :cries: I guess I'll take it though!"

Taylor: "What's this?"
Announcer: "A dollhouse. A D."
Taylor: "Eh, I don't need it."

(NOTE: Taylor also found a gnome, which she kept for a G. I forgot to take a picture, sorry.)

Announcer: "Okay, your letters are F, G, U, and I. What word do you want to make?"
Taylor: "Hmm... (pulls out old English dictionary) I'll make the word...'fug'."
Announcer: "Fug? Why not just make fig?"
Tayler: "Why not fug?"
Announcer: "Whatever. Anyhow, 'fug' is worth 20 points! However, you lose a point for your 1 extra letter. Still, 19 points isn't a bad score."

Taylor: "Thank goodness I got done out there! I am soo hungry!"

Bella: "Wait, we're allowed to leave these couches once we're done? I'm super hungry too!
Announcer: "Of course you are!"
Bella: "You could have told me that!"

Announcer: "Okay Englebert, you are next!"

Englebert: "Now what am I gonna do with this xylophone 'ere? I'll just leave it."

Englebert: "Can't very well catch fairies with a quilt. I'll leave that there!"

Englebert: "Oh, I can use this nightstand here! Gimme!"
Announcer: "That's worth an N!"

Englebert: "Oh, those yoga people are quite attractive! I'll keep this!"
Announcer: "An N! You have time for one more letter!"

Englebert: "Oh, I need this umbrella! It's raining!"

Announcer: "So, Englebert, what word do you want to make?"
Englebert: "Um...'un'?"
Announcer: "I guess un's a word. I never really thought about it!"
Englebert: "Oh, well good. I was just having a guess at it!"
Announcer: "That's worth 20 points! You may now go inside!"

Rob: "We need help! It's crazy in here! People are wetting themselves! Can we please leave the couch!"

Announcer: "Ludwig, you are next!"
Ludwig: "Righty-ho, let's get this over with. Anything to escape this squalor we're dwelling in."

Ludwig: "What's this here, an onion plant?"
Announcer: "Yup. It's worth an O?"
Ludwig: "I suppose I'll take it.

Ludwig: "Look at the delightful little horse!"
Announcer: "Uggh, its called a Zenyetta!"
Ludwig: "A Z! Sorry, no thank you!"

Ludwig: "Found a potted plant! And I think I'll take it!"

Ludwig: "Is this an oven or a stove?"
Announcer: "It's a stove, an S."

Ludwig: "Oh, of course I want a quilt!"
Announcer: "Alright, that's a--"
Ludwig: "I was being sarcastic."

Ludwig: "Here's a rocking horse!"
Announcer: "An R!"
Ludwig: "Yeah, I could use an R! I'll take it!"

Ludwig: "Here's a dollhouse, and I want it!"
Announcer: "Alright, what word do you want to make!"
Ludwig: "I'll make the word 'drops'."
Announcer: "Amazing! That's 40 points right there!"

Announcer: "Alright, welcome back!"
Ludwig: "Can I go to bed now!"
Announcer: "Sure, might as well! It is midnight!"

Announcer: "It is your turn to go, Amelia."
Amelia: "Let's do this!"

Amelia: "Here's a bowl!"
Announcer: "Want a B!"
Amelia: "I'll take it!"

Amelia: "I wonder how many people have found and passed on this xylophone before me?"
Announcer: "A lot."
Amelia: "I don't want it either."

Amelia: "Oh, I know what that is! A Zenyetta, right!"
Announcer: "Right you are the first one to not call it a horse!"
Amelia: "I don't want that either! Uggh, I need vowells!"

Amelia: "I don't want a Jack-O-Lantern either! This is not good!"

Amelia: "Well, I might as well take something. I guess this quilt will be alright."

Amelia: "Oh, no! No vowells! I guess I didn't really have a chance to spell a word."
Announcer: " That makes your score -2. A bummer! Or gooder, if you are the mole!"
Amelia: "How did you know? Wait--did I say that out loud?"

Amelia: " Well, off to bed with me. Wish the others good luck!"

Announcer: "Will, Amelia wishes you good luck!"
Will: "Aww, that's sweet! Anyway, found this wicker chair, and I want it!"
Announcer: "Good luck spelling a word with a W!"

Will: "Is this a video game system? No thanks."

Will: "Oo, an apple bobbing tank! I want it!"
Announcer: "That's an A!"

Will: "And here's an ant farm! I want that as well!"
Announcer: "Another A? Enjoy!"

Will: "Here's a xlophone, and I'm taking it!"
Anouncer: "Wow, a W and an X! You are taking hard letters!"

Announcer: "Want a Zenyetta?"
Will: "No thanks. But I can spell a word: Wax!"
Announcer: "That's worth 20 points, but you lose one point for you extra letter, so its only worth 19. You many now go inside."

Will: "Okay, I'm back! Good luck, man, with what's left!"
Rob: "Thanks! Uh, here I go, I guess!"

Rob: "Oh, dear, here come the bad letters. I don't want a J."

Rob: "H isn't half bad. If there even are any vowells left, I can spell a word with an H! I'll take this hay bale!"

Rob: "Huzzah, an orchid!"
Announcer: "And of course you want the O."
Rob: "Yup, lets go."

Rob: "I don't think I need this!"
Announcer: "Yeah, that's a V."
Rob: "I'll pass."

Rob: "And this?"
Announcer: "For the last time this evening, its a zenyetta."
Rob: "A what? Anyway, it starts with Z. I don't want it."

Rob: "Oo, an easel! So there are a lot of vowells left! I want it!"
Announcer: "Okay, that's an E. I may not have mentioned this earlier, but no dirty words Rob! We want to keep this a family show!"
Rob: "Aw, man! And I have one more chance! Let's see what I find!"

Rob: "IT'S A MUSIC BOX!!! :D"
Announcer: "I take it you want it!"
Rob: "Yes! My word is 'home'."
Announcer: "That's a 30 point word! Which means that, this challenge added a whopping 154 points to the pot! Good job: the mole didn't have a very good first day, did they?"

Announcer: "Welcome back, Rob! This challenge could have been worth up to 230 points in the pot, but it would require extreme luck to get that many, so I think you did pretty good!"
Rob: "Yeah! We are beating that mole!"
Announcer: "You sure are! The Mole only has 86 points in their personal pot after the first challenge, and this one skewed slightly in the mole's favor."

Announcer: "Well, I'm sorry to say, Rob, that all of your fellow contestants are already asleep. And, it is 2 in the morning, so you should join them!"

"Goodnight, contestants. I hope you sleep in after this late night."

"Enjoy, your sleep, because, tommorrow, the accusations begin."

"Tommorrow, one of you goes home after only 2 days on this show."

"But for now, sleep tight."

"Sleep tight and don't let the mole bite.

 Pot: 154/230

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