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Episode 1.03- Host, House, and Mole, Oh My!

Greg: "Hello, and welcome to the third episode of the Mole! With the execution of Rob, the Mole's first victim has been claimed, and there is now a vacant spot in the household. You may know me as the announcer, but now you can put a face to that voice!"

Greg: "I'm sure you are all screaming inside, 'Oh my god, is that the Greg Gentle!' Yes, I know. I am very famous!"

Greg: "The whole world loves me!"
Camera Man: "Not me!"
Greg: "Oh, you're just a hater."
Camera Man: "I've just never heard of you."

Greg: "That's ridiculous! Come along, be sure to film my good side. Oh wait, every side is my good side!"

Greg: "Ah, I see that production has produced my own personal little cottage in the backyard!"

Greg: "Complete with a private hottub! Very nice!"

Greg: "And look at this door! It's got a little spyglass on it. Very mole-y!"

Greg: "Uh, there has to be some mistake!"

Greg: "This whole house is empty! I don't want to live in an empty house! Where is all the funiture?"
Camera Man: "Haha, I may have forgotten to add any funiture to the house!"
Greg: "Where am I supposed to sleep?"

Greg: "I'll go inside the main house, Rob's old bed is still there, right?"

Camera Man: "Nope, remember you told us to haul it away?"
Greg: "I also told you to add funiture to my shack! I even showed you a similar shack to model it on!"

Camera Man: "You could always sleep on the couch..."
Greg: "The couch?!? Greg Gentle does not sleep on the couch. Besides that old lady is horrifying, don't want her watching me all night!"

Greg: "No, there is no way!"

Greg: "I'll just stand right here before I sleep on that couch!"

Camera Man: "You sure about that?"

Greg: "Look what Greg Gentle has been reduced to!"

Madison: "Good morning, every--ahh! Why is there a strange man sleeping on the couch!"

Greg: "I'm Greg Gentle, the host for this season. I've been talking to you over the loudspeaker, Madison."
Madison: "So you are the announcer. Huh.."

Greg: "What?"
Madison: "It's just that I expected someone famous."
Greg: "I am famous. Haven't you heard of me?"
Madison: "No. What are you supposed to be famous for? Nevermind, I need a shower."

Madison: "Um, Greg?"
Greg:  "Yes?"

Madison: "GET OUT! Don't watch me shower!"

Greg: "Oh, right. Actually, get out of the shower. Help me gather everyone downstairs because its time for your second challenge!"
Madison: "Oh sure, change the subject!"

Madison: "I met Greg today. Apparently  he's famous or something? I don't know, I've never heard of him. But, he kind of annoys me. He's somewhat full or himself  and its a little, um, creepy, following contestants into the bathroom like that. He couldn't really seem me shower due to the glass, but still. Creepy..."

Greg: "Hello, everyone! I am the famous Greg Gentle, your host for this season of the Mole! I hope you all slept well? I know this is an early morning."

Will: Oh, I did, thank you! Although it would have been nice if you'd given me time to change!"
Greg: "I'm glad you slept, well because I didn't! Sleeping on the couch, bah!"

Greg: "Anyway, that brings me to your second challenge. But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. Before we start, we need to have a little vote."

Amelia: "Vote? Sorry, Greg, I can't handle politics."

Greg: "No, this is a simple vote. You just need to tell me who you think is most likely and least likely to be the Mole at the present time. Very informal."

Greg: "I will be waiting in the kitchen. One by one you will enter and tell me your votes. Englebert, you are up first."

Greg: "And trust me, I will not be having a break down in there when you aren't looking!"
Taylor: "Okay..."

Englebert: "Hmm... I can't be sure, but I think ______ is most likely to be the Mole and _______ is least likely to be the Mole."
Greg: "Okay, Taylor you are next."

Taylor: "I think that _____ is definitely not the Mole and ______ could be!"
Greg: "Got it! Madison, come into the kitchen!"

Madison: "I'm stuck between a few people for the Mole, but ______ is at the top of my list! And ____ is not the Mole!"
Greg: "Amelia, come in."

Amelia: "I think you know my top suspect! It's ______! And ________ definitely isn't the Mole!
Greg: "Come on, Ludwig. You are up!"

Ludwig: "I haven't been paying much attention, but ______ seems pretty Mole-ish! I trust that ____ is not the Mole."
Greg: "Bella is next! Almost done!"

Bella: "I have many, many suspects, but I'm going with ______. And I know _____ is not."
Greg: "And finally we have Will!"

Will: "______ is the Mole. _______ is not the Mole!"
Greg: "And we are done!" 

Greg: "Alright, now that that is done with, time to announce the results. The contestant voted most likely to be the Mole is...."

Englebert: "This 'ere suspense is killin' me!"

Greg: "Ludwig!"
Ludwig: "Is that a good thing?"
Greg: "If you aren't the Mole, its a very good thing! Because not only have you just earned the right to not be in the next challenge (we wouldn't want a Mole taking points away from the pot, would we?), but you also have the first Exemption of the season!"
Ludwig: "Ooo!"
Greg: "You will not be taking the Quiz this week, and cannot be eliminated! But of course, if you are to Mole, you need to be a bit more discrete! They are on to you!"

Ludwig: "Can I go back to bed now while they do the challenge?"
Greg: "Go right ahead!"

Ludwig: "I cannot comprehend that I was picked as most Mole-ish! I wasn't trying to act like the Mole at all! Well, now that I know they suspect, I would be lying if I claimed that I wouldn't be playing it up and sabotaging a tad! Anyway, I have immunity this week, which is absolutely superb! I now have plenty of time to hang out in our new hot tub while the rest of the house is stressed over the challenge! But, actually, despite its benefits, the rest of the house had some nerve, selecting a Smosterbeard as the Mole! Ha! Well, they'll soon see how wrong they are."

Greg: "The rest of you, still mucking around in this urine-filled corner have to be involved in this challenge. Now, for the second half of the results. We have a tie for the least likely to be the Mole! It is between..."

Greg: "Bella.."
Bella: "Oh, man! I thought people thought I was the Mole!"

Greg: "And Madison!"
Madison: "Not to be rude, Englebert, but could you have held it in?"
Greg: "The winner of this was to take on the biggest responsibility in this challenge. Which of you wants that responsibility?"

Bella: "I'll do it!"
Madison: "She can do it."
Greg: "For the rest of you, let me explain this challenge. Outside in this yard, you may have noticed a brown patch of earth. You will now find an empty little hut there that I was to be living in. But it needs to be furnished. There is another hut similar to it in another part of town that I want that empty hut in our yard to look like. So, you will all visit the other hut, and do your best to memorize that contents of one of the five rooms each in 7 minutes. You will then write a description of your room in the shack and give it to Bella, who will attempt to reconstruct it on your descriptions. Each correct item Bella places will be worth a point in the pot, and each item in the correct placement is worth a point. Also, each room in which the majority of the items are correct will be an extra twenty points in the pot. Since every room has twelve items but the bathroom, which has ten, this challenge is worth 216 points. I call this challenge "The Host's Hut" since I will be living in the hut Bella creates, so please do a good job. You may got to the similar hut now!"

Greg: "Taylor, you are in charge of the kitchen."

Taylor: "Oh, drat, I ran out of time!"

Greg: "Will has the dining room."

Will: "I hope I'm being descriptive enough."

Greg: "Amelia is in charge of the bedroom."

Amelia: "Okay, good luck with this description, Bella!"

Greg: "I wonder how Madison is doing with the Living Room?"

Madison: "What is that black thing in front of the television?"

Greg: "And Englebert is on the bathroom!" (Sorry this is a bad picture. The bathroom was very small!)

Englebert: "This room seems easy enough."
Greg: "Let's take a look at some overhead shots of the rooms."


Greg: "Alright, now Bella has to build based on their descriptions!"

Bella: "Here we go!"

Bella: "This is going to be tricky!"
Greg: "Here is Amelia's description of the bedroom:
'There are green bed with a lop-sided headboard in the middle of the room, up against the wall opposite the arch entryway. On either side of it are two awkward, brown tree-like end table with square, gray table lamps on them. Above the head board is a painting of a cherub blowing some sort of instrument. To the left is a dark dresser with white drawers. There is a sunflower on top of the dresser to the left and a whitish, bluish little square thing (maybe a picture frame?) to the right on top of the dresser. To the right of the dresser is a potted plant with a tall top and a thin bottom. Byt the wall to the left of the bed is a tall floor mirror and to the right of that is a long, rectangular painting of a mountain range.'"

Bella: "Here's a bedroom I built. Is it close to the original?"
Greg: "We'll see. Here is Englebert's description of the bathroom: 'Immediately to the left of the door there’s a statue of a lady holding a bowl.  On the other side of the room, two tiles in, there is a white toilet.  Above the toilet there is a ceiling lamp.  Next to the statue there’s a shower/bath combination; it looks grayish black.  At the end of the room directly across from the door there is a towel rack with a white towel.  There’s a fancy thing above that that’s either a window or a mirror, but it’s kind of rectangular with a rounded top and bottom.  It also has a gold pattern on it.  Next to the towel rack there’s a sink with a white marble top and gold faucet/handles.  Above the toilet there’s a picture of two people standing in front of a building.  The picture is in a sepia tone.  There is a plain toilet paper roll holder next to the toilet, and it sticks out from the wall.  It’s either silver or white, but it’s a little tricky to tell.  There’s a stone thing on the wall immediately to the right of the doopr.  It’s shaped like a spiral shell.  Also the ceiling lamp is white and shaped kind of like a diamond with brown edges.'"

Bella: "Here's my bathroom. I had trouble with the painting though. Couldn't find one meeting Englebert's description."
Greg: "Oh, I can tell. Here is Madison's description of the living room: 'A t.v. is in the corner. There is a black thing in front of the t.v. There is a white chair watching the t.v. There is a mask on the wall between the t.v. and chair. The the other corner between the arches is a vase. There is a blue and white picture on the wall between the arch and the front door. There are four pictures on the side wall. There is a something like a t.v. that’s black with some blue and orange. There are two pink dots on the blue. In the middle of the room is a white table. There is a white vase of 3 pink flowers and some yellow flowers. There are two rectangle gray lights on the ceiling.''

Bella: "I'm done with the living room."
Greg: "Alright. Was Madison's description good enough?"

Bella: "It was very vague. But alright I guess."
Greg: "Here is Taylor's description of the kitchen: 'There is a peach fridge at the back of the room. Next to that there is a stove. Right next to that there is a few counters. On the counter, next to the stove, there is a microwave. Also there is fire alarm above the stove. There is also a burglar alarm above the microwave. On the counter there is a coffee maker. The last thing there is a picture of a frog, the same one in the diary room.'"

Bella: "Wow, tricky. I know a lot of this room is wrong."
Greg: "That would be correct. Here is Will's description of the dining room: 'By the arch into the dining room is a half rug. To the left is a plant in an antique vase. To the right is a statue of a woman with long hair. They are both in corners. Next to the plant is a picture of some Spanish building. Next to the statue are three abstract pictures. In the center of the room is a table with two chairs on either ends and a flower on top of it. By the Spanish picture is a trunk-like table with champagne on it. There is a round light above the table.'"

Bella: "Am I done now? That took ages!"
Greg: "Haha, yeah you are. That was a hard challenge for you. I'd give you bonus points if I could for effort, but it doesn't work like that, because now its time to compare the rooms you created to the originals, and see how well you did."

Greg: "In the living room,  the lights, chair, video game system, and 4 small paintings are correct, but in the wrong spot, so they are worth 1 point each. The only item that is both correct and in the right spot is the blue abstract painting. The television, table, and flower were wrong and in the wrong spot, and the other painting was not in the original room at all, so no points there. The potted plant was in the correct spot, but wrong, so it is only worth a point, so this room gave you a total of 6 out of 24 points. Since that isn't the majority of the room, no 20 points will be added."
Madison: "Bella, that's not horrible."
Bella: "Shut up. It's horrible and its all your fault!"

Greg: "In the bedroom, the bed, dresser, picture of a cherub, table lamps, and potted plant were correct and in the right spots, so they are all worth 2 points each. The mirror, sunflower, and alarm clock were correct but were slightly shifted in their spots, so they only give you 1 point each. The nightstands and picture of a mountain were both wrong, however they were in the right place, so they each gave you 1 point, making this whole room worth 17 points. However, since you got the majority of this room correct, and extra 20 points go into the pot, making this room worth 37 points!"
Amelia: "Wow, that one was really good!"
Bella: "Eh, your description could of been better. We did so well because of luck."

Greg: "In the bathroom, the statue, shower, towel, and wall sculpture were in the correct spots and correct, so they each added 2 points to the pot. The sink, toilet, ceiling light, and toilet paper roll were correct but in the wrong spots, so only 1 point for each other those. The mirror was incorrect but in the correct spot, so that added a point. The painting was incorrect and in the incorrect spot, so that's the only item to add no points. This room was worth up to 20 points, and you got 13 of those, which is the majority, so this room added 33 points to the pot!"
Englebert: "I gave a right lovely description. Woohoo!"
Bella: "That's a matter of opinion." 
Greg: "Quiet down, Englebert. We want to keep this show's G rating, but screaming words like that might raise it!"
Englebert: "What, woohoo? Oh, yeah..."

Greg: "In the dining room, the potted plant and the rug are correct and in correct spots, so they earn 2 points. Both of the paintings and the champagne are correct but in incorrect spots, so they both earn a point. The stature, table, chairs, and flower and incorrect but in correct spots, so they are worth 1 point each. The smaller table and ceiling light are incorrect and in the incorrect spots, so no points there. 10 points out of the 24 possible were earned for, and since that isn't the majority, 20 additional points will not be added."
Will: "Drat. So close."
Bella: "If you had been a tiny bit more descriptive, we would have gotten those 20 extra points! Idiot..."

Greg: "In the kitchen, the microwave, stove, painting, and counters are all wrong and in the wrong spots, so no points there. The sink, burglar alarm, cabinets, and coffee maker were not in the original room at all, so no points there either. The fridge, fire alarm, and stove are all correct but in the wrong spots, so they are only worth 1 point each, and the hanging lamp is wrong but in the right spot, making this room only worth 4 points for the pot. Also, since that is clearly not the majority of the room, no 20 points will be added."
Taylor: "Only 4? Wow. Bella, you should have tried harder. This room doesn't look right at all! None of the stuff goes together!"
Bella: "I should have tried harder?!? Check your description, sister!"

Greg: "And with that, this challenge is officially over! The contestants, primarily Bella, managed to add a total of 90 points to the pot, out of a possible total of 216. You guys need to step up your game! The Mole got a lot of points in their pot that challenge. It's also worth noting that two people (Amelia and Englebert) added the more than half of the 90 points you got this challenge, so the rest of you did really pathetic!"
Taylor, Will, and Madison: "Hey!"
Greg: "You are all dismissed."

Amelia: "Hey, Ludwig. Isn't this new hot tub lovely?"

Ludwig: "Yes, ma'am, its heavenly!"
Amelia: "I'm so relieved that you have immunity this week!"
Ludwig: "I know! I wasn't getting eliminated anyhow, but immunity guarantees my safety!"
Amelia: "I know you do the quizzes randomly, but who are you thinking is the Mole? Who did you vote for as most likely?"
Ludwig: "I selected Will on the poll Greg gave us."

Amelia: "Will? Hmm, could be. Madison is still on the top of my Mole list, and after that last challenge, Taylor is on my radar."
Ludwig: "I don't think its Madison or Taylor. I think they just screwed up that challenge. But doesn't really matter for me, I suppose. No quiz!"

Amelia: "It's so relieving that Ludwig has an Exemption from the quiz! I want my coalition partner to stay safe! And I was really worried last quiz, as I'm not sure how reliable his, 'I'm a Smosterbeard!' random stragedy is going to turn out to be. But, now I can safely stop worrying about him, and worry about myself!"

Will: "Hey, Englebert, as you may know, my closest ally was eliminated yesterday in Rob."
Englebert: "Yeah, and?"

Rob: "I was wondering if you wanted to join me in an alliance? I basically have no one in this house. And, if we got Bella to join us, we could have some sort of alliance of the supernaturals!"

Englebert: "Erm, no fanks. Your eyes sort of...scare me!"
Will: "My eyes? Whatever."

Englebert: "Will approached me and asked if I wanted to be in an alliance with him yesterday! Yeah, right, mate. Like I want to be your second choice for a coalition partner! Everyone knows that he was allied with Rob, and the only reason he wants an alliance now is to replace him. Also, I am after a coalition of my own, with Taylor and Madison. They did horrible on the challenge, but I don't fink that either of them are the Mole, so they were really just terrible at it!"

Englebert: "Ello, ladies. Will just sort of asked me for one of them alliance fingys..."
Taylor: "And?"
Englebert: "I sort of rejected him."
Madison: "Well good for you!"

Englebert: "Yeah. I think he's the Mole, so there is no earthly way he's dragging me down. Also, I kinda wanted one of those fings with you guys..."
Madison: "And alliance?"
Englebert: "Yeah..."
Madison: "Well we are already in one with Bella. But..."
Taylor: "We can talk to her. Let's see if she'll let you in." 

Madison: "I wouldn't mind being in an alliance with you at all. You are sort of...unique."
Englebert: "Ha! That's one way of putting it!"

Taylor: "Yeah, I...Wait, who is that behind me?"

Taylor: "Ludwig?!? Are you...evesdropping?"
Ludwig: "Me! Never! I was just getting out of the hottub!"

Taylor: "Why were you sneaking up behind me like that then?"
Ludwig: "I--"

Amelia: "Is that Ludwig over there? And Taylor attacking him?!? No one comes after my alliance member like that!"

Madison: "Taylor, I don't think Ludwig meant any harm!"
Ludwig: "Oh, no! I meant harm! I simply cannot stand you, ugly blue-hatted girl!"
Taylor: "Excuse me!"

Amelia: "Stop coming after Ludwig! I cannot stand you!"
Taylor: "Excuse me?!?"

Taylor: "The last time I checked, Ludwig started this whole thing! But you know what? I simply don't have time for this."
Madison: "Good girl. Calm down."
Taylor: "If you want to be mad at me, fine. But I would much rather spend my time learning who the Mole is than fighting with you. Good day!"
Amelia: "I've had enough of you, Taylor!"

Taylor: “ Ludwig  is so annoying! He could of just asked us what we were doing . I mean , I did that once with  Amelia AND Ludwig . Well I hope NO ONE thinks I’m the mole. ‘Cause I’m not .  And if I was , I wouldn’t  pun.. I mean fight with him. Well gotta go do something . Taylor is out!!!!”

Englebert: "Hey Bella. I talked to your alliance members earlier."
Bella: "They told you we were in an alliance? Remind me to punish them."
Englebert: "Sure. Remind if I join you in the pool?"
Bella: "Alright, if you really want?"


Englebert: "Anyway, would you mind if I came into your alliance? You seem to be the leader of it."
Bella: "Um, I guess so. Another person would help us a bit, I guess."

Englebert: "Okay, great."

Bella: "This challenge was so annoying everyone did terribly at describing the rooms. Amelia didn't make it to confusing, but I still suspect her. I talked to my alliance and Englebert was able to join us. I think I can trust him now but you never know, I mean Madison and Taylor are in my alliance but I think they might have tried to throw the challenge.”

Will: "Hey, guys. I've been looking for an alliance to join. Can I come into yours?"
Ludwig: "Sure. But you've been floating about without an alliance for the past few days. I think that makes everyone in the house in one of two."
Will: "Yeah. I need someone to strategize with, and you two seem like good candidates. Particularly you, Amelia." 

Amelia: "What do you mean, particularly... oh, Will!"
Ludwig: "What are you doing to her?"

Amelia: "I got something for you, Will! I picked these from the rose bushes that were just planted. I was going to give them to Ludwig, but you are much more...yummy!"

Will: "Hey, Amelia, would you like to go, like, stargazing with me or something?"
Amelia: "Sure! Why not!"

Ludwig: "Oh, no! He's stealing my alliance! Amelia, we were going to practice our instruments again tonight, remember?"

Ludwig: "Fine. Ignore me. I don't care anymore!"

Amelia: "Oh, Will!"

Will: "So, I finally got an alliance together, with Amelia and Ludwig! I'll be the first to admit, not my first choice of alliance, but really no one else in this house seems to want me, and if they can help advance my game then they can go right ahead! Also, I may have sort of had to enchant Amelia to get her to fall for me. Vampire powers sure can come in handy! Anyway, I cannot believe some of the things I might have to do to that old hag, all to advance my game! The things I'm willing to do to win!"

Greg: "So, the day in the house is drawing to a close, and I am settling down in this bed for my first night in my new house, created by Bella with the help of the other contestants! But before the night ends, it seems there is one last, quiet conversation to be had."

Taylor: "Hey, Ludwig, can I talk to you?"
Ludwig: "Sure, come in."

Taylor: "I'm sorry that I snapped at you earlier. This house has put me under a lot of stress. I'm sure you understand, although not this week, of course. You have immunity."
Ludwig: "Yeah..."
Taylor: "But I just wanted to know if you and Amelia would forgive me?"
Ludwig: "Of course I forgive you. And Amelia doesn't seem to care much at the moment. She still outside, stargazing with whatshisname. Will."
Taylor: "Oh. I'm sorry about that."
Ludwig: "Yeah. Me too. Well, goodnight. Thanks for talking to me, Taylor."

Taylor: "Goodnight, Ludwig. I hope Amelia gets over Will."
Ludwig: "Me too Taylor. Me too."

Pot: 244/446

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