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Episode 1.05- The Mole's Dilemma

Will: "Good morning, Amelia. You are looking good enough to eat this morning!"
Amelia: "I wish. I'm so hungry." *runs into the hall towards the fridge*

Will: "Wait, slow down. I've been thinking, maybe its time to take the next step."
Amelia: "In..."
Will: "You know..."

Amelia: "Oh, Will! You're a much better kisser than my late husband!"

Englebert: “After the last elimination, I’m starting to get a fair idea of who that sneaky mole might be.  I've got a new suspect now, I have, and I’m going to keep a close eye on them for a few days to see if I’m right.  It’s still a bit early in the game, but I think if I keep me wits about me I've got a good shot of winning this whole thing, I do!  That sneaky mole is going down!” *Proceeds to dance an interpretive dance of a mole being squished by a fairy*

Taylor: "Englebert, you are getting on my nerves. Your clothing choices are so inappropriate, and you smell rather terrible!"
Englebert: "Oy! Have you seen some of the other people in this house! I am not the smelliest one here!"

Taylor: "Well, I'm your roommate, so its different! I have to smell you all night long!"
Englebert: "Oh, blah blah blah! You're so bloody irritating!"

Taylor: "Aren't we supposed to be in a coalition or something? I swear, if it weren't for Bella..."
Englebert: "You would never allign with me? Well, I can bloody well assure you, the feeling is mutual!"
Taylor: "Whatever, Englebert. Just get a shower more regularly."

Taylor: "Englebert is so stinky!  Why can't he just take a shower?  I mean, we have like 2 of them .  At my  home, we only have half of one. And, there are 5 of us.  I guess I just am mad because he already dresses funny, why does he have to smell funny too? Well the point is that he REALLY, and I mean REALLY smells HORRID . Good thing that we don't have to sleep in the SAME BED!"

Ludwig: "Bella, did you make those 'waffles', if I can even call them that? They positively reek!"
Bella: "Oh, Ludwig, you do not want to mess with me in the mornings! But are you kidding me? This whole house reeks!"

Bella: "It's times like this when I'm greatful you can't die by flies (yet). But, Ludwig, you know you are hungry. You are going to eat and enjoy my waffles!"
Ludwig: "I can assure you I'm not! Ludwig Smosterbeard does not bother with idiotic things like foul waffles!"

Ludwig: "I'm not even sure if they are safe to...fine."
Bella: "Bon appetit!"

Ludwig: "But I promise you I will not enjoy them."
Bella: "Like anyone can enjoy them when sitting in front of plates of spoiled food! I swear, you people are pigs!"

Ludwig: "I am no pig! I am the neatest Sim in this house!"
Bella: "Are you kidding? There are no neat Sims in this house!"
Ludwig: "But I'm no slob."

Bella: "Ludwig, can I ask you something? Are you the Mole?"
Ludwig: "Me? Ha. Of course I'm the Mole!"
Bella: "What?"
Ludwig: "I kid. I'm no Mole. But of course, that's what a Mole would say!"

Bella: "If you are the Mole, I think you are a terrible one, since you've sabotaged almost nothing and everyone suspects you!"
Ludwig: "Of course they suspect me! I'm have no one in this house at this point! I'm an easy target to be the Mole, since I'm aligned with no one. People think I'm the Mole simply because I am a loner in this house and I'm not friends with them. And also, I've only been in one challenge so far. I'll have plenty of opportunities for sabotage if I'm the Mole."

Taylor: "Hey, Will. How are you this morning?"
Will: "Alright, I guess."
Taylor: "I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but you should bathe. Everyone should. This house is really getting gross."

Will: "I'm to busy looking at how cute you are in those shorts to bathe!"

Taylor: "What? Aren't you with Amelia or something?"

Will: "Forget that old hag! You are so much--"
Amelia: "Will?!? Taylor?!?"

Amelia: "Taylor, I cannot believe you!"
Taylor: "Hey, its not my fault! He came onto me! I don't know what happened!"

Amelia: "Oh, shut up you man-stealer. And Will! I can't believe you!"
Will: "What can't you believe? That I'd prefer this cute young girl to an old granny? Ha, you'd better start believing!"

Amelia: "Will! Take that!"
Will: "Ha, you think you can take me?"

Will: "Serves you right!"
Amelia: "I thought you really liked me, Will! I've had enough of you two!"

Amelia: "Will, I'm never speaking to you again!"
Will: "Good luck with that! We're living in the same house!"
Amelia: "Hmmph!"

Will: "Do I feel a little sorry for Amelia? Sure. But, if she had really paid attention it would have been clear that I was never into her. I mean, compare her to every other girl in the world. I mean, who would you choose? Yeah, me too. It's nothing personal towards Amelia. She's just old and unattractive, that's all."

Bella: "So, Englebert, where is your head at right now?"
Englebert: "Well, attached to my body, above my shoulders, directly--"
Bella: "I meant who do you think's the Mole!"

Englebert: "I'm thinking maybe Will? Or perhaps Ludwig."
Bella: "I was thinking Ludwig, but I'm having my doubts."

Bella: "It's still possible that its Amelia."
Englebert: "Fat chance! It's Will, trust me."

Bella: "But its still so early in the game! It could be anyone!"
Englebert: "Even me?"
Bella: "I don't know why, but I trust you. I do not think you are the Mole."
Englebert: "Good, cause I'm not."

Taylor: "Ludwig, did you hear? Will was flirting with me when Amelia came in! They are totally not together anymore."

Ludwig: "They never really were going to last. But Amelia humiliated me. I am still furious at her."
Taylor: "I'm sorry that Will came between you two. You were really close for the first few days."
Ludwig: "Amelia is officially dead to me."

Greg: "Contestants! Gather in the sitting room, its time for the third Mole challenge!"

Greg: "Welcome contestants. As you may notice, we only have three couches, as the last two eliminations made there be less need for seating. Also, please do not talk or communicate in any way with your fellow contestants for the next few minutes. Anyone found breaking this rule will be kicked off the show. Is this understood? Alrighty."

Greg: "So, this challenge is called 'The Prisoner's Dilemma' and its based on a hypothetical situation by the same name. In this situation, there would basically be two prisoners who had been partners in a crime who were caught. They are each isolated, unable to communicate with each other, in separate rooms.

 "There is enough evidence to convict them both and sentence them to one year on a lesser charge, but not enough to convict either on the principle charge, so each prisoner is given a choice. They can either testify against the other or remain silent."

"If one prisoner testifies and the other remains silent, the prisoner who testified goes free while the one who remained silent is sentenced to three years. If both prisoners remain silent, they receive one year each. And, if both prisoners testify, they both receive two years."

"For our version, you will all be paired up, and you will be the prisoners. You will be given the same choice: to testify or to remain silent. If both contestants in a pair choose to remain silent, I will add 50 points to the pot. If one contestant remains silent while the other testifies, the one who testified will receive an Exemption from the next Mole Quiz. And, if both contestants testified, no Exemptions will be recieved and no points will be added to the pot."

"This challenge could be easy points in the pot, as it requires almost no work on your part. However, the consequences of remaining silent could be disastrous, significantly increasing your chances of going home with each Exemption earned."

"Outside you will notice a small, three room structure. If I can your name, you are to enter one of the rooms now. Everyone enter a different room."



"and Amelia. Please enter rooms in the structure now."

Bella: "Really? You couldn't be bothered to add floor tiles! This structure isn't finished!"
Greg: "You will be adding the floor tiles. You are to color the floor green if you choose to remain silent and red if you want to testify against your partner. But first, we need to find out who your partners are!"

"The other contestants cane enter the other sides of the rooms now."

Greg: "Alright, so it would seem that Will and Englebert are partners."
Englebert: "Hmm. I wonder what Will's going to do..."

Greg: "Bella and Taylor are partners."
Bella: "Taylor, you'd better do what I want you to do."

Greg: "and Amelia and Ludwig are partners!"
Ludwig: "Oh, great. Amelia."

Greg: "You may begin coloring your floor tiles now."

Amelia: "I hope Ludwig doesn't screw me over. I'm remaining silent."

Bella: "Taylor had better not betray me! Exemption, here I come!"

Will: "I have no idea who the Mole is. Sorry, Englebert, I need that Exemption!"

Ludwig: "I'm betraying not because I think I'm going home, but because I want to screw over Amelia, plus it makes me seem more Mole-ish, which I want."

Taylor: "I'm betraying because I know Bella's betraying, and I'm sorry, I know she's in my alliance, but I don't want her to get an Exemption and increase my chances of going home!"

Englebert: "I'll take a chance with Will. Let's see how this goes."

Greg: "Let's take a look at an overhead shot of the results."

Greg: "Alright, contestants, head back to the living room."

Everyone: "Alrighty, let's go."

Greg: "Welcome, back everyone! Please be seated. Are you ready to hear the results?"
Amelia: "Let's get this over with."
Greg: "Okay, let's go. It so happened that you were each sitting next to your soon-to-be partner on the couches. That's convenient!" (I swear I did not plan this!)

Greg: "Bella and Taylor both testified against each other, so no points or Exemptions for them!"
Bella and Taylor: "Darnit!"

Greg: "Amelia was silent while Ludwig testified, so congratulations Ludwig! You've earned your second Exemption from the quiz!"
Amelia: "Ludwig?!? How could you?"

Greg: "And Englebert was silent while Will betrayed, so Will also earned an Exemption!"
Englebert: "Oh no!"

Greg: "Which makes this your least successful challenge so far, with a grand total of 0 out of 150 points added to the pot. So much for easy points! You did terribly!"
Will: "Oh my goodness! That was pretty bad."
Greg: "No kidding! You are all free to go. Hopefully this challenge helped to confirm or disprove any of your Mole suspicions!"

Bella: "Taylor, I cannot believe that you betrayed me! I could have had an Exemption!"
Taylor: "Sorry to break it to you, Bella, but you betrayed me too, Bella! You have no room to complain."
Bella: "But I needed that Exemption! I couldn't not go for it!"
Taylor: "I could say the same thing!"

Bella:" I can't believe Taylor betrayed me in the challenge! I really needed that immunity  I think I deserved it more than the people who got it. I'm not so sure why Taylor had to choose to betray. It's either me, Englebert, Taylor, or Amelia who is going home and Taylor has talked to me about changing  alliances! At this point in the game I'm starting to doubt her. I want to stay true to my alliance but it all could change if half of my alliance goes home. I just hope its not me tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Amelia: "Hey, guys. Mind if I talk to you."
Bella: "I would."
Taylor: "Bella! Go ahead Amelia."

Amelia: "I just wanted to apologize for slapping you, Taylor. I shouldn't have, and I realize that it wasn't your fault. I'm sorry."
Taylor: "Oh, Amelia! Don't worry about it. Will is a douche bag. It's not our fault. I hope we can become closer in this house."
Amelia: "Oh, great. I'm glad you don't hate me. I was sort of worried."

Bella: "Uggh, you two are so boring."
Taylor: "Oh, stop it Bella. Say, Amelia, Bella, Englebert, and I have an alliance. Would you be interested in joining us?"

Amelia: "What, you need someone to replace Madison? Oh, well, I guess so. I would like someone to trust."

Bella: "Amelia, if you are going to be in our alliance we have to do something with that hair. I think you need a makeover. There's a styling station outside that I noticed this morning."
Amelia: "Really? Since when has that been there?"

Taylor: "Oo, great idea Bella! Come on Amelia!"
Amelia: "I guess..."

Amelia: "Hmm. I like it. I needed a change of style."
Taylor and Bella: "Great!"

Amelia: "I think that a change in style was just what I needed. This new do is perfect for getting over Will and Ludwig. Uggh. Men. I know that Bella and Taylor truly like me for me, and the men of this house can just chill out and stop being so ridiculous."

Will: "You know, Ludwig, we have our differences, but I'm actually enjoying this swim with you. Thanks for this. It's fun."

Ludwig: "I suppose."
Will: "Ha, you suppose. You're quite a character, ya know that right?"
Ludwig: "I haven't the faintest idea what you are talking about."

Will: "I'm sorry that we let Amelia get between us, anyhow. I've had enough of her. Friends?"
Ludwig: "Um.."

Englebert: "Ello, gents, mind if this 'ere Englebert joins you?"
Will: "Alright..."

Englebert: "So, what are we talking about? Strategy?"
Ludwig: "No really, um, if you don't mind me asking, why in heavens name are you wearing a suit in the pool? That's revolting!"
Will: "You think that's revolting?"
Englebert: "I don't have a clue what that lad is talking about!"

Will: "Englebert can wear an evening suit while I wear..."

Will: "My birthday suit!"
Ludwig: "Really, was that necessary!"

Englebert: "That was quite clever of you. You are quite the chap!"
Will: "Guilty is charged!"

Ludwig: "I'm afraid to get off my raft and touch the water with you two mucking about in it."
Englebert: "Don't listen to 'im, Willy. Nofing but a sour puss, 'e is!"

Taylor: "Englebert, I hope you don't mind, but Bella and I decided to ask Amelia to join our alliance. You know, as a way to replace Madison."

Amelia: "Englebert, we haven't always seen eye to eye, but I would like to apologize to you. I'm sorry for any bad impression I made on you."
Englebert: "Ack, it's alright! Group hug!"
Bella: "No thank you. You two smell vaguely of prunes."

Ludwig: "Will, please get out of the water. I want to get out and I don't want to run the risk of *shudders* accidentally touching when you're *shudders* exposed!"
Will: "Oh, stop it. You can off the raft."
Ludwig: "I'd rather not."
Will: "..."

Ludwig: "Fine, ignore me. We'll see how you like being in this house with no clothes!"

Ludwig: "Now to hide them in these bushes! So long, Will! I really don't like you! Serves you right for taking Amelia from me anyway."

Will: "Ludwig? Where did you go? Wait, where are my clothes! Ludwig!"

Will: "Oh my God. I hope no one sees me."
Bella: "Hello."
Will: "Ahh!"

Will: *singing* "I'm playing the upright bass in a towel, bass in a towel, bass in a towel, and singing while playing this bass in a towel..."

Bella: "Good night, Will. Stop being so...strange."

Amelia: "Ludwig, I've gotten over Will. I've been trying to get on better terms with everyone in this house, and that includes you. I'm sorry for betraying you."

Ludwig: "Amelia, I've had enough of you! You don't care about me, you never did! And what have you done with your hair! I don't like it. You're so different now. I used to think that you were a sweet old lady. How wrong can you get?"

Amelia: "Oh, Ludwig I barely knew you. We haven't even been in this house for a week yet. I was starting to get close with you for what? Two days? That's nothing, nothing! You are the ridiculous one, always complaining about me to other contestants! You thought I didn't hear that, right? I know that you still like me, don't pretend otherwise! Ludwig, I thought maybe we could get on good terms again. I'm sorry, but I just don't have the patience. I've had enough drama today. Goodnight, Ludwig."

Ludwig: "Amelia, don't talk to me anymore. Goodnight."

Amelia: "Alright. Whatever you..."

Amelia: *sigh*

Amelia: "Goodnight, Ludwig. Goodnight."

Ludwig: "Amelia thinks that, now that Will has abandoned her, she can get right back in with me! Yeah, right! I am a Smosterbeard, and now that I have seen her true colors, I shall never allow her to get close to me. She clearly is nothing but a selfish, narcissistic old granny and nothing will ever change that!" 

Will: "Englebert, can I ask you something?"
Englebert: "Of course."
Will: "Do you think that I'm the Mole?"

Englebert: "Why does it matter to you?"
Will: "I'd just like to know.

Englebert: "Alright, well, yeah I do."

Will: "Well, just know that I'm not. I'd hate to see you go home."
Englebert: "That right there is exactly the sort of fing a Mole would say!"
Will: "So you're clever. But of course, I'm cleverer."

Englebert: "I'm sorry, lad, but you're fooling no one. You are the Mole!"
Will: "We'll see. Goodnight, Englebert."

Bella: "Wow, am I really the last one up. Goodnight, self!"
Bella: "Goodnight!"
Greg: "Bella, that's wierd."
Bella: "Whatever."

Greg: "Goodnight, contestants. I hope you enjoyed the challenge today. You each faced the Prisoner's Dilemma, and the results were disastrous in the terms of the the few points they added to the Pot. And, in a way, all of you are prisoners of this house. But, one of you is facing an entirely different dilemma. "

Greg: "One of you faces the Mole's Dilemma: to sabotage and to avoid suspicion. And, I must say, to the Mole: you are doing a terrific job. Goodnight contestants, and goodnight Mole."

Pot: 244/596

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