Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Episode 1.12- One Day More

Taylor: "Hey, Amelia."
Amelia: "Hey, Taylor. How are you doing this morning?"

Taylor: "I'm just feeling dazed. Our last day. Tonight I'll see Will again, and we will know who won this thing. And we will know the Mole!"
Amelia: "Darling, you and I already know full well who the Mole is."
Taylor: "Englebert?"

Amelia: "Maybe. Or maybe it's you."
Taylor: "At this point, think what you want. I am still convinced that it's Englebert, and he seems to either genuinely think its you or be pretending to think its you if he's the Mole."
Amelia: "Are you sure about that? Whenever he talked to me, he always acted as though he suspected you."

Taylor: "Well, at this point it doesn't really matter. I mean, it's not like anyone's going to change it now. It's too late to back down."
Amelia: "Or maybe it's not. Taylor, I've thought that you were the Mole for the past few weeks. But now maybe it's Englebert? And Englebert was so sure it was me, but then sometimes when I talk to him I think that maybe he thinks it's you, or he's started to. And you are still convinced its Englebert. It would  be so much easier if some of us had the same main suspect, but we are all so scattered in our suspicions."

Taylor: "It would make it easier if we knew who Will thought it was on the week he left, too. You're right, its feels so wrong to back out of your past suspicions now, but its like what other choice do we have? I'd hate to lose when I changed my suspicions during the last week, but I'd hate to go against my gut feeling and lose because of that."
Amelia: "Don't tell me you are starting to think that it could be me?"

Taylor: "I mean, anything could happen at this point. I wonder if anyone's voted for the right Mole yet..."

Amelia: "Someone must've. Someone's suspected everyone left at some point."

Taylor: "But the thing is, I'm sure the Mole would be the person we least expect. I'm convinced it's Englebert, so I have to look at you and think that maybe you are playing me. And maybe you are mistaking those natural doubts for genuine suspicions."
Amelia: "So wait, you are saying I should write you down on the last Mole Quiz? Well, of course, unless you're the Mole, you'd want that! Or are you just a Mole using reverse psychology on me to get me convinced Englebert is guilty! I don't know what to think anymore."

Taylor: "This whole game is just bewildering. It really messes with your head. How long have we been here? twelve days? It seems like so much more than that, it can't have been only twelve."
Amelia: "And tonight, we'll know once we take our Quiz. The end is so near, but as it looms, we all start to have our doubts. We just have to make it through one day more. Twelve days of doubt and confusion, twelve days of the Mole's reign."

Taylor: "I'm so tired, Amelia. I've told you all the Mole was coming. Sure, you always knew it, but you still had to be told. The Mole is in the clouds. There is his name, Will! Will was always the Mole, he always knew it was his job to die and become the fallen Mole. And still he kissed me, and he lied."

Amelia: "Um, Taylor? Will's not dead. you'll see him tonight. I guess his elimination hurt you more than you let on."
Taylor: "But I don't want to see him! I want to be rid of the Mole that wasn't the Mole, I want to go back home and know the truth behind this mystery!"
Amelia: "Truth. That'd be nice, for once. Nothing but the truth..."

Greg: "Contestants, please report to the kitchen. I think we ought to spend a little time together, just the three of us as it is our last day."

Taylor: "We're here. Where are you, Greg?"
Englebert: "You wouldn't happen to be getting dressed, would you? It's about time."

Greg: "I'm here, I'm here. And Englebert, you are one to talk! I adore your zebra print underwear."

Englebert: "I never said it offended me! Just thought it a bit strange that you always go about wearing your underwear, like its your trademark or something."

Greg: "It's just an opportunity to show off my body, how could I resist?"
Amelia: "Easily. I don't need to see you like that, and I'm sure whoever watches this doesn't need to either."
Greg: "I think you'd be surprised there. Anyway, how do waffles sound? Like a last breakfast of sorts. Fun, right? It's the least I can do, given that one of you is about to be eliminated as a runner up and given nothing for all of you hard work."

Englebert: "I'd be careful with them waffles. Easiest things in the world to burn, they are!"
Greg: "I don't know, I have found fairy flesh to burn better."
Englebert: "What?!?"

Greg: "I have a suggestion! Since none of you are doing anything other than standing around anyway, why don't you all help tidy up this room so we can resell it once we are finished with this season!"
Taylor: "Fine, its not like I have anything better to do. But, if we were going to tidy it up, shouldn't we have done it before the last day?"

Greg: "Well, it's not as though it much matters now. We would have just made a mess again, but now that we are leaving, we want the place to look a bit clean after we are gone, right? Englebert, why don't you repair that dishwasher? It's been broken for practically the entire season."
Englebert: "Eh, alright. But it would be nice if Amelia over there would put a little effort into the tidying effort."

Amelia: "Hey, I am! I'm an old woman, I'll hurt myself if I try to struggle and clean up this place!"

Taylor: "Um, Englebert is older than you! It would be nice if you would at least help."

Greg: "There is rooting food in that fridge, smells terrible. Would it be too much back-breaking labor for you to toss some of it, Amelia?"

Amelia: "Oh, stop being a smart aleck. Fine, I'll throw away rotting potatoes if that's what you want. I can't believe its our last day to make decisions and do our best to win, and we're busy throwing away food."

Englebert: "There's nothing left to say to anyone, Amelia. There's only one day more, we just need to make it through this last day and it will all be over. So, we might as well spend our time fixing dishwashers, it doesn't really matter at this point."

Amelia: "Alright, fine. If you guys want to clean up a house we'll never step foot in again, that's fine by me. I'll help you if that's really what you want."

Taylor: "Amelia, you really are a mixed bag, aren't you? An explosive person, you really do get on my last nerves sometimes. Wow, I just wish you would calm down and enjoy your time on this show instead of complaining the whole season away! But, eh, too late now I guess? After today, I never have to deal with you anymore."
Amelia: "Excuse me?!? I am a calm, collected person, thank you very much!"

Englebert: "Ha ha ha, you are hilarious, Amelia! You've attacked almost everyone who has been in this season so far, and now all you can do is stand about while the rest of us work our butts off. If I'm somehow wrong about the Mole, I can only pray that you don't win!"

Amelia: "Hey, don't get your knickers in a twist! I'm helping, I'm helping."
Englebert: "Yeah, after we've asked you two multiple times!"

Taylor: "Get out of the way, Amelia. You are standing directly in front of the trash can. I want to throw away your day old breakfast burrito package for you!"
Amelia: "You know what, Taylor? I'm wrong if I help, I'm wrong if I don't help. I've just had enough of being with you people, I need a break already!"

Greg: "Alrighty, waffles are ready! Let's have a nice little breakfast together! See, I'm a good chef! They aren't burnt at all!"

Taylor:"Alright, Amelia, Englebert, come on."
Amelia: "I'm coming, I'm coming! Sheez, you young uns needs to slow down!"

Englebert: "..."
Amelia: "..."

Greg: "Well, I'm finished with my waffles."
Taylor: "You scarfed those down."

Greg: "I guess I'll just go and the three of you can, um, chat."

Englebert: "..."

Taylor: "..."

Amelia: "This is ridiculous. There's nothing left to say to you people! I've made up my mind, I know who I am going to say is the Mole tonight. I'm sure the two of you have made up your minds as well, so what's the point of sitting here and eating our waffles in awkward silence! We should be having fun, we are the final three!"

Englebert: "Maybe we wish that one of us wasn't a member of the final three."
Amelia: "Oh, well I don't know! One of us is the Mole, and was always going to make it this far. And that person is doing a pretty darn terrible job of hiding their identity."

Taylor: "I dunno, I think he's doing a pretty good job."
Englebert: "He! So you two do think I'm the Mole. Well, it's clear, Taylor, that this old hag has been playing you. I am not the Mole, it's her! It's all been her, and I'm going to win because I know it's her. Not that that matters in the slightest, you aren't about to change your suspect now. If you think its me, Taylor, so be it. Clearly you won't listen to reason, there's nothing I can say."

Taylor: "But the thing is, Englebert, why would you want to sway me? Wouldn't you want to trick me into changing from you if you were the Mole?"
Amelia: "And, Englebert, I didn't think it was you. I've been sure that its Taylor for quite a while now, and if things go according to plan, I will be voting for her tonight."

Taylor: "What? Really, Amelia, I thought we both thought Englebert!"
Amelia: "Nope. All your talk of looming Moles in the distance and your subtle challenge mistakes. Could you be any more obvious?"
Taylor: "Amelia, think what you want. I guess this is anyone's game at this point. We are so divided, who knows what could happen. But I did think you and I--"
 Amelia: You were the one who thought Englebert, not me. I thought it was you, and Englebert thought it was me."
Englebert: "And so, the truth comes out...over waffles."

Amelia: "Breakfast was tense this morning. We all wanted to talk strategy, but we are left in the frustrating situation of having no one to talk strategy to. We have two people left: the Mole and our competitor. You don't want either to know what you are doing, so I played up my suspicions a bit. I'm not as sure that the Mole is Taylor as I pretend to be, but I'm hesitant to say that its Englebert tonight because it would really suck to have the Mole right and change it now. I am confident Englebert does think its me, however, so I should be alright."

Englebert: "Amelia, I need to talk to my Mole."
Amelia: "And I need to talk to you too."

Englebert: "Are you really convinced that Taylor is the guilty party? I don't know, I really thought you were leaning towards me."
Amelia: "Well, the thing is, Englebert--"

Englebert: "Yes?"
Amelia: "Well, I guess I just wasn't sure what to say with both of you there. I have thought it was Taylor for a while now, that's true. But Will and I thought it was Taylor, and he's gone now. So, I can't help but wonder if maybe it is you."

Englebert: "Look, Amelia, quit the games. We both know the Mole is sitting on this bench. The jig is up, let's just admit it, why don't we? Of course, you never will, but we both know. We know the Mole. It's as plain as can be."
Amelia: "I'm not sure it is, Englebert. Maybe its you. Maybe its Taylor. I know, I'm saying something one minute and something else the next, but that's because I genuinely can't make up my mind. And I don't think I'm going to make up my mind until I sit down to take that last Quiz."

Englebert: "Look, whatever you say, Mole."
Amelia: "Enough already! I am not the Mole! Stop gloating and being an idiot! I think its Taylor one minute and you the next, and I better make the right decision, because if I say you are the Mole and you aren't, you could win because of my inability to decide! Taylor or I had better win, if its you I think I will have to vomit."

Englebert: "What is your problem, Amelia? We should have been together, we were the two oldest, who would have thought we'd both make it here? The Mole and the hunter who caught her."
Amelia: "I am going to laugh my head off when you realize that it isn't me, Englebert."

Englebert: "Oh, yeah, sure. I'm sure you will, you sneaky little Mole."

Amelia: "I'm threw with this, this day needs to end already. Sometimes I think I don't even feel like myself anymore, Englebert. Who gives a damn if you think I'm the Mole, but just look at me! I feel like this show has changed me, I can't believe how I went from a grandma to whatever I've become so quickly."

Englebert: "Don't you see why? It's your hair, the hair Bella and Taylor gave you weeks ago. They didn't want you in their alliance, Amelia. I never wanted you, we just brought you in to replace Madison. And now, the three of us have made it to the end, a member of that so-called alliance betrayed us, and we all know it was you. But you're right it doesn't matter. Go change your hair if you want, if it will make you feel more like whatever you are in your real life."

Amelia: "Look at me. Look how artificial I've become to win this game. I've had enough of you, I've had enough of Taylor, I just want this to be over, and I want to be the person I was before."

Englebert: "Amelia, I think you maybe are a sweet old lady in real life. Maybe being the Mole changed you into the grumpy, cynical thing I've gotten to know. Maybe you are just a grandma in a cardigan. I think your hair maybe is your way of saying goodbye to being the Mole, and moving on."
Amelia: "Except, I'm not the Mole! But you are right, in a way."

Englebert: "Oh..."
Amelia: "See? I look again. Oh, Englebert, who cares anymore! Who cares who is lying to who, who cares! I'm sorry if I've said some things that hurt you, I truly am. It's like I became a different person, I didn't feel like myself anymore. But it does feel good to be the granny again, and not whatever I was trying to be."

Englebert: "I think I like this new Amelia! Amy, can I call you?"

Amelia: "Amy? Yes, why don't you? Why didn't you?"

Amelia: "Call me Amy Grant."

Englebert: "Well, I guess I like Amelia a bit more than I did before. I'll still be right happy to get rid of her, but, now that I think about it, maybe it was just the hair. Maybe she forgot who she really was out here, and that's why she came across as so horrible. Either way, I forgive her for being the Mole, and I'll be glad when I never have to speak to her again, even if I do call her Amy Grant."

Taylor: "Hey, Englebert. I was just thinking?"
Englebert: "Yeah? About what?"
Taylor: "It's that painting."

Englebert: "Eh? What about it?"
Taylor: "It's kind of funny, how you never finished it this whole time. Like you always knew you'd still be there to work on it."
Englebert: "Maybe I wanted a memory of what could have been in the house after I was gone."

Taylor: "But you never did finish it. Today is a day for endings, for cleaning up the leftovers and moving on. And you can hardly leave a last finished, forgotten painting laying about after we all leave this house."

Englebert: "Well, maybe I'll work on it if it will make you feel that much better."
Taylor: "Not better, Englebert. Just finished. I want to tie up all the lose ends before we go tonight, I don't want half-finished paintings lying around, so to speak."

Englebert: "But, what's left to say that can't be said tonight after we know the truth?"
Taylor: "You'd be surprised at how much I think we've all held beneath the surface."
Englebert: "Like?"

Taylor: "Well, I wanted to say that, Mole or not, I think you are a decent person. I certainly like you more than Amelia, even if I do think you are the Mole."
Englebert: "More than Amelia? Pfft, hardly a compliment, don't you think?"
Taylor: "But I do! You are just nicer to people. Niceness doesn't determine the Mole. I sometimes think you mistake meanness for Moleishness, or, like I always feel inclined to add when talking about you, pretend to."

Englebert: "Taylor, I think you are sweet. If you are the Mole, you've completely tricked me and I don't deserve to win. But, you also are a little strange at times, you get a little wierd. Did you know that, how you sometimes talk and I hear nothing but confusion? I'm not sure what's up with that. Is that what you want, honesty before this last Quiz? Why not go to Amelia, she's the one who's been lying to us."

Taylor: "We've all been lying to each other, that's what this game is. I pretended to be in an alliance with you while suspecting you were the Mole. And you pretended Amelia was in the alliance at the same time while suspecting her! But, yes, you're right I guess, there's nothing left to say."
Englebert: "That last Quiz is coming, Taylor. We should prepare ourselves. This is it, this is what this whole season has been building up to. And here I am, painting."

Taylor: "Oh, but that's good! We should be relaxing, it prepares our minds for what is to come! Look at me, dancing my way into the last Quiz!"

Englebert: "Why did you really feel the need to come and talk to me, Taylor? What was the point?"

Taylor: "I just wanted you to know that I didn't mind you as much as I thought I would. We were roommates, and you didn't turn out to be a creepy old pink-haired fairy like I thought you would be. You turned out to be so much more than that in the end."

Englebert: "That's nice, Taylor. I like you, if I don't win I'm glad that you will."
Taylor: "What makes you think Amelia's the Mole?"
Englebert: "Don't kid yourself, Taylor. Amelia is the Mole, I know it, and you can't fool me into choosing you as the guilty party tonight."
Taylor: "I thought we were going to take a break from strategy?"

Englebert: "We were. But we didn't. My painting isn't finished, and I've run out of patience. So be it."

Taylor: "Oh, bummer. So be it, Englebert. An unfinished painting on an easel and a Mole on the tips of our tongues. Let the games begin!"

Taylor: "I'm really not sure why I felt such a connection to that half-finished painting of Englebert's, or why it even matters. But I mean, you think he'd of had time to finish it, given that we just lay around with nothing to do most of these days. It's kind of funny how much of your will to do things like that this game sucks out of you, though. I imagine he just didn't have the energy to work on anything other than winning. But maybe Englebert is too busy scrambling and making sure no one has caught onto him to spend much time painting."

Greg: "Contestants, please report to the Execution room at once. We shall each say a few words about each of our fellow contestants in front of their dark lamps."

Greg: "Welcome, contestants. This is Rob's lamp, the first to go, he was Executed on Day 2."

Amelia: "Ah yes, Rob. Couldn't make up his mind on anything, right? Well, I was sad when he went, he was a nice boy who I wish I could have gotten to know more."

Taylor: "He wanted to go to the end with me I remember. I thought he was cute, it was sad that he was the first one. Will got very mad at him when he saw him flirting with me though! Ah, memories!"
Englebert: "Yes, a nice kid. Couldn't make up his mind, we all told him to just settle on something. He picked the first answer every time I remember, and it was that vote that convinced me that I was wrong in thinking Bella was the Mole like I did week one."

Greg: "This next lamp belongs to Bella who was Executed Day 6, the third to go. Would anyone like to say a few words?"

Taylor: "Ah, yes, Bella. She was the leader of my first alliance and a really put all she was into this game. This was a sad Execution for me because I'm pretty sure I tied in the bottom with her but was faster. We both thought it was Ludwig, but her going made me start to think that he couldn't be the Mole. Then, of course, he was the next to go, so it didn't matter anyway."

Englebert: "Sorry Taylor, but of our alliance members Bella was the one I was the closest to. We became pretty inseparable, the two of us. Her Execution was probably the saddest of the season."
Amelia: "Bella and I didn't always see eye-to-eye, but her Exection, like Taylor said, made me wonder if Ludwig could really be the Mole or not. It made me realize that I was on the wrong track when I had been so confident."

Greg: "The third lamp is Will's, the fifth to go, who was eliminated on Day 10."

Taylor: "Ah, my Will. I love him, obviously, it was pretty sad to see him go, although I don't know if I really showed how sad I was because I expected it. I knew he thought it was me, and so I knew that he didn't have the right Mole, so I figured he was a goner, but it was still sad to see my love interest on the show Executed."

Amelia: "Will and I had a love-hate relationship, and his Execution was bewildering, because while I don't want to change my suspect during the last week, I can't help but wonder if Will was eliminated because of the person I suspect now. Maybe he was trying to tell me something when he went, I don't know."
Englebert: "I think Will wasn't a horrible guy at heart. We had our conflicts, but in the end I was hoping someone else would go the week he went. As this person is the Mole, however, I knew that that wasn't happening."

Greg: "The next three lamps are yours. Take you places in front of them, you've earned them."
Taylor: "Woo! We made it to the middle lamps!"
Greg: "And now for your final two lamps, Madison, who was eliminated second on Day 4, and Ludwig, who was eliminated fourth on Day 8."

Taylor: "Madison, you were very close to me in this game, too. We were tight, sister! It really made me sad to see you go. And Ludwig, I thought you were the Mole! Good job, you really tricked us all, all you didn't do was figure it out yourself."
Amelia: "Ludwig, I was closer to no one else on the first few days, and despite our differences, I really did like the person you were coming into this game. Madison, you were in my coalition and I liked strategizing with you and getting to know you for the four days I could. You were also the first elimination I didn't see coming, since we all knew that Rob was going."

Englebert: "Ludwig, you weren't as mean as everyone made you out to be, and I really do have to give you props for fooling us all! And Madison, the cutest girl out here, you were the first alliance member that we lost, and after you were gone, we started working with people we didn't like as much, like Amelia, so I feel like you took the purity of our alliance with you as you left."

Greg: "And with that, it is time for your final Mole Quiz!"

Greg: "Outside you will see a dramatic test taking area. You will all take the test simultaneously, and the person who either answers the most questions correctly or ties and completes their test more quickly than their opponent will win this season, bragging rights, and our entire pot, so the stakes are big."
Englebert: "Woo, this is it!"

Greg: "This Quiz will work a little differently, as there are 15 questions, five of them being questions previously seen on the Quizes. There will be one from each past Quiz and ten for this past challenge and past two days. Do you three have any last words before we begin?"

Englebert: "Well, I guess I just want to say good luck to my fellow contestants, or contestant I should say. And to the Mole--nice try, but you didn't fool me."
Greg: "Alright, Amelia?"

Amelia: "I want to thank you for this experience, Greg. I hope I win, obviously, and I hope I manage to make the right choice tonight. I'll just have to follow my heart and hope for the best."

Taylor: "Yeah, I agree with what they said. I wish you all luck, but I'm glad that I'm confident in my answers tonight, and what else can you ask of me? But I hope whoever wins truly deserves it, and has managed to figure out the Mole! That's all I have to say."

Greg: "Alright, you've said your pieces. It's all up to you now. Head outside, but don't begin until I tell you to."

Greg: "It's time for the Quiz, fifteen questions about the identity of the Mole."

"The player who scores the highest on the Quiz will win Season One of the Mole and all of the points added to the Pot."

"In the event of a tie, the player who completed their Quiz the fastest will win."

"If the rules are understood, then contestants, you may...begin!"

Question #1. Is the mole male or female?
A. Male 
B. Female

Question #2. Did the mole ride in the front seat or the back seat of their van on Day 1?
A: Front 
B: Back 

Question #3. During the challenge, “The Host’s Hut”, was the majority of the room the Mole described correct?
A. Yes
B. No
C. The Mole didn’t describe a room.

Question #4. Did the Mole say a goodbye message to Madison after her Execution?
A. Yes
B. No

Question #5. Does the Mole wear a hat with their everyday wear?
A. Yes.
B. No.

Question #6. After the challenge “How Did That Happen?” did the Mole read their final answers or did their partner?
A. They did.
B. Their partner did.

Question #7. During the most recent Execution, where was the Mole sitting from left to right from Greg’s perspective?
A. 1st (Farthest left)
B. 2nd
C. 3rd
D.  4th (Farthest right)

Question #8. After the most recent Execution, in what order did the Mole give their goodbye speech to Will?
A. 1st
B. 2nd
C. 3rd

Question #9. After the last Execution, in what order was the Mole shown heading to bed in their own shot?
A. 1st
B. 2nd
C. 3rd

Question #10. On the morning of day 11, what did the Mole have for breakfast?
A. Breakfast Burrito.
B. Yogurt.
C. The Mole did not have breakfast.

Question #11. During the challenge “The Winding Road”, how many of the Mole’s answers were correctly guessed?
A. 1 answer.
B. 2 answers.
C. 3 answers.
D. 4 answers.
E.  All of the answers

Question #12. During the challenge “The Winding Road”, did the Mole go into a hut to see if the contestant they were looking for was there?
A. Yes.
B. No.
Question #13.  During what stage in life is the Mole?
A. Young Adult.
B. Adult.
C. Elder.

Question #14. During the final shot of the challenge “The Winding Road”, was the Mole wearing their outwear?
A. Yes.
B. No.

Question #15. Who is the Mole?
A. Taylor Bam
B. Amelia Grant
C. Englebert Humperdink

Greg: "Alright, contestants. The deed is done, a winner is official, all that's left to do is to tell you and to unmask the Mole."
Taylor: "So exciting!"

Greg: "So, we should all get changed into our formal wear and drive to another location where the winner, the Mole, and a lot of other things will be revealed for you all at our finale and reunion show. Are you guys ready to know the truth?"
Englebert: "Yes!"

Greg: "Then let's be off. Be sure to say your last goodbyes to this house, as you won't be seeing it again."
Amelia: "Goodbye, house. You've served us well."

Greg: "There is a car parked outside waiting for us. Let's be off, shall we?"

Englebert: "Come on, Taylor. Ready to know the truth?"
Taylor: "I'm ready, Englebert."

Greg: "The Executed contestants are waiting for us, let's go."

Greg: "We've done it, it is over."

Greg: "There are no days more."

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