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Episode 1.11- Every Mole for Themselves

Greg: "Tomorrow, the contestants will know the truth. All will be revealed to them, and we will crown ourselves a winner and a Mole. Yet, for today, they still cannot be sure if the person standing next to them is really on their side. Likelier it is growing that they are nothing but a Mole. Of course, the Mole may have already accepted their fate, but they could be the person no one suspects. Right now, there's only one Quiz left, but before that, there must be one last challenge. Still, for two of the contestants, that question is still being asked: who is the Mole?"

Amelia: "What are you up to, Englebert?"
Englebert: "This 'ere sink got on my last nerve. It needs to be fixed!"

Taylor: "But it's been leaking for nearly the entire season! Surely it would have been smarter to fix it before now."
Englebert: "It hadn't bothered me before now."

Amelia: "Englebert, if you had done that sooner, this room wouldn't be such a mess! Shame on you!"
Englebert: "Hey, I don't see you helping!"
Amelia: "It's not my fault I have back troubles and couldn't bend over to fix a sink! Taylor's young and spry, she should be the one fixing it."

Taylor: "I suppose I could have, but I didn't. It didn't matter in the grand scheme of things, did it? I only come in here a few times a day, who cares if its a mess?"
Englebert: "Oi, I do!"
Taylor: "I think finding out who the Mole is is more important than fixing a sink, wouldn't you agree?"

Amelia: "Yes, I agree! And now, I shall have a breakfast burrito. I'm gearing up for a full day of Mole hunting."

Taylor: "Yes, breakfast is important. Why aren't you eating any breakfast, Englebert?"

Englebert: "You two are getting on my last nerve, watching me struggle on the sink, slurping on your yogurt all the while!"

Amelia: "Taylor's the one with the yogurt, I'm eating a breakfast burrito."
Taylor: "Oh, who cares? It doesn't matter if we eat a burrito or yogurt, we should be worried about more important things, shouldn't we?"
Englebert: "Like fixing the sink?"

Taylor: "No, like strategizing and doing our best to win this thing and all of the points that we've been working so hard for!"
Amelia: "We all know where we stand, at this point. We all have our suspects, there's nothing left to be said."
Englebert: "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree with the hag. Besides, the Mole is in this room right now. We can't very well share our suspicions without them being present. A bit awkward, don't you think?"

Amelia: "Anyway, why would we want to let anyone know our suspicions at this point? It's every Mole for themselves, at this point."
Englebert: "Don't you mean everyone?"
Amelia: "Oh, um, yes. Of course that's what I mean."

Englebert: "If we go telling each other who we think the Mole is, we will either wind up talking to the person we are hoping to beat in the end or talking to the Mole, guaranteed. We've come down to it. This is the end. Every 'Mole' for themselves."

Taylor: "Well, I think that's rather silly. I've gotten to know all of you, and don't you think that if you finally discovered your Mole, you'd want to talk to someone about it, just to allow the ideas to solidify in your brain."

Englebert: "Anyone who hasn't found their Mole by this point shouldn't win. You need to pick someone and stick with them. Changing at this point is incredibly foolish."

Taylor: "Well, true. I guess I just like talking about something, you know? Like the thought of having to keep everything to myself might be too much to bear."

Amelia: "I'm fine with keeping my thoughts to myself. It's only for two more days, then we will know. But I agree, anyone who changes their mind last minute is practically asking to go home. These water puddles are really bothering me."
Englebert: "You could always pick up that there mop and, I dunno, mope them up?"
Amelia: "You heard him, Taylor. Pick up the mop."

Taylor: "You know, because I'm polite, I shall! But I believe he was talking to you."
Amelia: "I told you, I have back problems. Just imagine how sore I would be after being hunched over a mop!"

Englebert: "Well, your back may be sore, but to me, your nothing but a pain in the--"
Amelia: "Fine, Englebert! I'll mop! But be prepared to listen to me complain about it!"

Englebert: "I did it! I fixed the sink!"
Taylor: "Awesome!"

Amelia: "Start mopping, Englebert. Some of us are slaving away over here."
Englebert: "Are you serious?"
Taylor: "Just ignore her. I appreciate you fixing our sink. This room will be clean for the next...three times we lose it."

Englebert: "Those two were getting on my last nerves! Who eats a bloody burrito while a pink-haired fairy is fixing the sink?!? The least they could do was help without grumbling! I swear, I never want to talk to these bumbling idiots again once I leave this damn house!"

Amelia: "That is, unless he breaks it again. Wouldn't surprise me."
Englebert: "It bloody well wasn't me that broke it. Was probably you, you--"
Greg: "Oh, Taylor?"

Taylor: "Greg? What do you want?"
Greg: "Oh, isn't it nice to see you guys cleaning up the place! Taylor, you are needed!"

Taylor: "For what?"
Greg: "The challenge of course!"
Taylor: "Challenge? But it's still pretty early, don't you think?"

Greg: "This is a big challenge. Will take a very long time, I hope you guys are ready for your longest day yet!"
Taylor: "Oh, dear. So, why am I the only one you need?"

Greg: "I'll explain on the car ride to your challenge location. For now, you need to get dressed and come with me."
Taylor: "Um, okay. Guys, I'll see you later!"
Englebert: "See you Taylor!"

Amelia: "Englebert, do you think that Taylor is the Mole?"

Englebert: "I thought that we weren't going to talk strategy. Every 'Mole' for themselves, remember?"

Amelia: "Who knows when we'll be able to talk without her listening in again, though? I want to know what you think."

Englebert: "I think that this conversation is a waste of time. I think that you are the Mole."

Amelia: "Me? But what have I done?"
Englebert: "Well, you've certainly--"

Greg: "Amelia, Englebert, it's time for this challenge to officially start."
Amelia: "Okay, let's go."

Greg: "You guys my recognize this car from Day 1. Nice way to bring this whole thing full circle, don't you think."
Amelia: "Yes, very nice."

Englebert: "What is that?"
Greg: "That is your next challenge. You will each answer 5 questions about the other contestants, and the other two will have to guess what they think you answered. Each answer will correspond with a fork in the road, and at the end of the journey you will come to a house. If you correctly guessed all five of the contestants answers, you will find the contestant who answered the questions in the house you eventually come to, and earn 300 points for the pot. If you fail to find the contestant at the end, I will add 5 points to the pot for each correct answer you gave. This challenge is called "The Winding Road", and it could be worth up to 900 points if you succeed in finding all three contestants. Understood?"
Amelia and Englebert: "I guess so."

Greg: "Good. Stand by the green mat and I shall read the first question."
Amelia and Englebert: "Alright."

Greg: "Taylor was aked: 'Which of your fellow contestants would you rather meet in a dark alleyway at night?' Turn left for Amelia and right for Englebert."

Amelia: "Well, I'm just a little old lady, and you have magical fairy powers. You could be quite terrifying in an alleyway."
Englebert: "But my wings would illuminate it for Taylor to see me, and know that I wasn't scary at all! You on the other hand..."
Greg: "I need an answer."
Englebert: "Alright, let's go with Amelia. That's a left turn."

Greg: "Alright, now for your second question. 'Who is more likely to have a heart attack?'"

Amelia: "Well, Englebert, you are older than me..."
Englebert: "But I'm in excellent shape for my age! I'm still spry as ever! You on the other hand..."

Amelia: "You aren't saying I'm liable to have a heart attack, are you?"
Englebert: "No, just more liable than me."
Amelia: "But you are much older than me!"
Greg: "I need an answer."

Amelia: "You know what, fine, I'll give you this one. Maybe Taylor would think that I was, but that doesn't mean that I am!"
Englebert: "Another left!"

Greg: "The third question Taylor was asked was: 'Which of your fellow contestants do you think has more money?"

Englebert: "Well, I wear a fancy suit whenever I feel like it. Fairy hunting paid me well. I'm clearly not broke."

Amelia: "Well, neither am I! I'm a fairly successful author, thank you very much, and by no means am I completely bonkers, like some of us present. Taylor wouldn't even find you capable of being wealthy!"

Englebert: "Alright, then we agree to disagree. But since you gave me the last one, you can have this one."
Amelia: "Thank you. Another left, I guess?"
Englebert: "Yup, another left. Let's hope Taylor answered you for every one."

Greg: "Here we are. Your next question is: "Which of your fellow contestants is more likely to adopt a pet llama?"

Amelia: "A llama? Englebert, 100 percent Englebert."
Englebert: "Yeah, what she said."
Amelia: "That means we can turn right, finally!"

Greg: "And now for your last question. Even if you've done everything right so far, you can still screw up here."
Englebert: "Out with it?"
Greg: "Your question is: 'Which of your fellow contestants is a meaner person?'"

Englebert: "Meaner? That's easy, it has to be Amelia! She's mean to everyone!"

Amelia: "Um, harsh much? I'm offended. Way to be really nice when you are trying to argue that I'm the meaner one. Well, I guess Taylor probably would think that I was more mean, so we'll go with me."

Greg: "Okay, that means that, if you've answered all five of those correct, Taylor is behind this door and you've just added 300 points to the pot. Who wants to go check?"

Amelia: "I will! Taylor, oh Taylor! Are you in here?"

Amelia: "Nothing."

Greg: "I'm sorry, you got at least one answer wrong. Let's go down to path again to fetch Taylor and see where you messed up."

Greg: "So, in the beginning, you were off to a good start. The question was, 'Who would you rather meet in a dark alleyway at night?', you said Amelia, and Taylor said Amelia."
Amelia: "Told you, Englebert."

Greg: "On the second one you made your first mistake, though. The question was, 'Who is more likely to have a heart attack?'. You said Amelia and Taylor said Englebert, because Englebert was older than Amelia."
Englebert: "Really? Huh, I thought for sure she would think Amelia."

Greg: "And then you made another mistake on the third question, 'Who do you think has more money?'. You said Amelia, but Taylor said Englebert."
Amelia: "Oh, sorry about that Englebert."
Englebert: "I knew I was right."

Greg: "On the red mat, your question was 'Who is more likely to adopt a pet llama?' You said Englebert, and Taylor also said Englebert."
Amelia: "That one was super obvious."

Greg: "And then, for you last question, 'Who is a meaner person?', you said Amelia, and Taylor agreed. Which means that if we've done this correctly. Taylor, you can come out now."

Taylor: "Woohoo! Great job, guys! You've found me!"

Greg: "Um, actually, they didn't. They messed up two of the five questions, which means I'll only be putting a measly 15 points into the pot!"
Taylor: "Oh no! Boo!"

Greg: "Amelia, you are the next one to be hidden. Are you ready?"
Amelia: "To stare at nothing but the unfinished inside of a house for a few hours? I was born ready!"
Greg: "Alright, Taylor and Englebert, you will be escorted to the start."

Greg: "Okay, guys, Amelia has been hidden. Here is the first question that we asked her: 'Which of your fellow contestants is more likely to quit the show?' Turn left for Taylor and right for Englebert."
Taylor: "I think I would be."
Englebert: "Yeah? Thinking about quitting are we?"

Taylor: "No, neither of us are, but she knows that I've really been feeling the pressure of this show, and my boyfriend was just eliminated, so I'm inclined to think she'd think I'd be more likely to quit."
Englebert: "Yeah, okay."

Greg: "Your second question is 'Which of your fellow contestants are you more likely to be friends with outside of this game?'"
Englebert: "Well, I don't like her very much, and she knows it, so I'd go with you."

Taylor: "Yeah, I'm moderately close to Amelia and she always has seemed to like me."
Englebert: "Our answer is Taylor! Let's turn left again!"

Greg: "Alright, this question is 'Who is more likely to burst into song during a challenge?'"
Englebert: "Laaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
Taylor: "..."

Englebert: "I love to sing, I love to sing, I love to singy, bringying the singy thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!"
Taylor: "You're a tad strange, but I agree, she'd go with you!"

Greg: "Next, we asked Amelia 'Who has better hygeine?'.

Taylor: "Englebert, as someone who has had to share a room with you, it has to be you."
Englebert: "I don't know, you're pretty stinky!"
Taylor: "We are turning right!"

Greg: "And now its time for your final question. 'Who is more likely to cheat on their spouse?'"

Englebert: "I wouldn't ever cheat on my girlfriend!"
Taylor: "Does she know you have a girlfriend? She knows I'm with Will, so I'm saying she'd say you just because she wasn't sure if you were with anybody."
Englebert: "Nice way to try to convince to admit that I cheated on my girlfriend!"
Taylor: "You did?"
Englebert: "No! But I guess we'll take the door to the right."

Greg: "That means that, if you've done this correctly, Amelia will be inside of this hut. Who wants to go check?"

Englebert: "I will! Amelia, are you in there?"

Englebert: "Hmm. Doesn't look like it."

Greg: "I'm terribly sorry, but the two of you have messed up a second time. Let's go back to the start and walk you through your mistakes again."

Greg: "Your first question was 'Who is more likely to quit the show?'. You said Taylor, and Amelia said Englebert. So that was your first mistake."
Englebert: "Me, quit the show? Really?"

Greg: "The second question was 'Which of your fellow contestants are you more likely to be friends with outside of this game?'. You said Taylor, and Amelia agreed."
Taylor: "Awesome! I knew Amelia liked me, at least more than Englebert!"

Greg: "You got the second question, 'Which of your fellow contestants is more likely to burst into song during a challenge?' correct as well, as both you and Amelia said Englebert!"
Englebert: "I love to si--"
Taylor: "Shut up, please?"

Greg: "On the next question, 'Who has better hygeine?', you both said Englebert as well!"
Taylor: "Did we seriously get all of them right except for the first one? That sucks."
Englebert: "Looks like we may have. Very irritating."

Greg: "For your final question, you were both asked 'Which of your fellow contestants is more likely to cheat on your spouse?', you said Englebert and Amelia also said Englebert. So you got four out of five right, but that wasn't enough for the 300 points, so you only got 20."
Englebert: "That's horrible of you!"

Greg: "And, behind this door, should be Amelia. Amelia, you can come out now!"

Amelia: "Oh darn, we didn't add points to the pot, guys? You guys couldn't guess my answers, huh?"
Englebert: "Yeah, sorry about that bit. But we only got one wrong!"

Taylor: "I see that you changed into your heavy coat. How'd you manage that?"
Amelia: "I brought it with me, and changed in the hut."
Taylor: "How on earth did you bring it with you?"
Amelia: "I always bring my coat with me."
Taylor: "Can I change into my coat too, before we continue?"

Greg: "Oh, I suppose."
Amelia: "Are you serious, Greg? We've been at this all day! Can't we just  be done now, and pick up tomorrow?"
Greg: "Um, nope. Englebert, it's time to hide you in one of these huts."

Amelia: "My god, Greg, you're unreasonable."

Greg: "Alright, let's get this thing over with, it's getting late and I'd like to get to bed. If the two of you think that the answer to the question we asked Englebert is Taylor, you turn left, and if you think the answer is Amelia, you turn right. The first question we asked Englebert is 'Which of your fellow contestants makes a better first impression?'"
Amelia: "I think he'd say I do, don't you?"
Taylor: "I don't know, I guess so. I'm his roommate, and he didn't seem impressed with me.
Amelia: "So, me?"
Taylor: "Yeah, you make a better first impression."
Amelia: "So we turn right."

Greg: "The second question is 'Which of your fellow contestants do you think is more likely to go on a diet?"

Taylor: "Well, Amelia, you aren't exactly thin, and I've never dieted, so I think he'd say you."
Amelia: "I guess so..."

Greg: "Your third question is 'Which of your fellow contestants is more likely to be a serial killer?'.

Amelia: "You. Englebert would say that you would be."
Taylor: "You think so? Eh, I guess."
Greg: "Alright, turn left."

Greg: "Only two questions left! The next one is 'Which of your fellow contestants is more likely to win a Nobel Prize?"

Taylor: "I'm not really sure on this one."
Amelia: "Well, I am an author, and some of my books could help bring peace to the world."
Taylor: "It's a stretch, but okay."
Amelia: "So, we make another right."

Greg: "And now, the final question of the evening: 'Which of your fellow contestants is uglier?'"
Taylor: "That's not a very nice question!"

Amelia: "Look, I'm not ugly, but Englebert doesn't like me, so he might say that I'm ugly just to bug me. I'm going to say that I am uglier."
Taylor: "If you think so..."

Greg: "If you are right, Englebert will be behind this door. Who wants to go in?"

Amelia: "I will, I guess. Please, Englebert, be behind this door!"

Amelia: "Drat, this room is empty!"

Greg: "You have made some mistakes, I'm sorry. Let's backtrack one last time and see them."
Taylor: "No! I want to go to bed!"

Greg: "On the first question, 'Which of your fellow contestants makes a better first impression?', Englebert said Taylor and you said Amelia. So you were wrong right from the start."
Amelia: "Drat, I was so sure on that one too!"

Greg: "On your next question, 'Which of your fellow contestants is more likely to go on a diet?', you said Amelia and Englebert said Taylor."
Taylor: "Really? This is bewildering."

Greg: "On the third question, 'Who is more likely to be a serial killer?', you said Taylor and Englebert said Amelia. Another one wrong!"
Taylor: "Did we get none of Englebert's right?"
Amelia: "I don't know, maybe."

Greg: "The next question was 'Who is more likely to win a Nobel Prize?' Englebert said Amelia and you also said Amelia."
Amelia: "I told you! At least we got one right."

Greg: "And, for your final question, 'Who is uglier?', you said Amelia and Englebert agreed and said Amelia. So, Englebert, you can come out now!"

Englebert: "I can't believe that you idiots couldn't even find me!"
Amelia: "It was your fault for putting lousy answers!"

Greg: "This challenge was an utter failure. You only got two of the questions correct, for another 10 points in the pot, meaning that this challenge gave you 45 points out of the 900 possible! A pathetic last challenge! Were you just bad at it, or was this another challenge sabotaged by the Mole?"

Amelia: "That was a hard challenge. I'm glad challenges are done, but my god, that was so hard! It was painful to participate in that challenge because we were so terrible at it! And some of Englebert's answers seemed super random to me! Very Mole-ish of him. I don't know, I'm not sure who to suspect anymore.

Greg: "Take a good long look at the two people beside you. It's every 'Mole' for themselves, now. There is only one Quiz left, and soon all of the points you have earned will be exchanged into money, which one of the three of you will take home. If you are innocent, one of the people beside you is the Mole, and one of them is your final challenger. But which is which?"

Greg: "Let's go home, contestants, and have a peaceful evening."

Taylor: "Hey, Amelia. This was our longest day yet."

Amelia: "Yeah, it was. And only 45 points for all of that work. The Mole must have really been at work."

Taylor: "Isn't it crazy, though. I mean, that was our last challenge on this show. The Mole is done with sabotaging. It must be a relief."
Amelia: "And the two innocents are feeling more nervous than ever, no doubt. They are so close to winning. Now, someone who they've talked strategy with is their final opponent."

Taylor: "We're both on the same page, right Amelia? We both know where we stand."
Amelia: "Yup. I know the Mole, and the Mole knows I know who they are, and now its just a matter of time. Time to see who will win this whole thing."
Taylor: "I think the waiting is the worst part of all, though. And the Mole is living large at this point! They've taken most of the points that they could out of the pot. What more could they ask for?"

Amelia: "Well, it would be funny if no one voted for them on the final Quiz."
Taylor: "Funny? I think it would be terrible, the winner would win with the wrong Mole."
Amelia: "But that would mean that the Mole had won!"

Taylor: "Just what we need, a triumph for the Mole! Wouldn't that be the icing on the cake, after all this chaos we've been put through!"
Amelia: "A victorious Mole. I wonder if anyone is on the right track?"

Taylor: "Someone must be. But maybe we should throw some votes towards each other, just to be safe."
Amelia: "You suspect me?"
Taylor: "I never said that. But I think Englebert does."

Amelia: "Me? He thinks its you, honey."
Taylor: "But the way he talks to you? I'm going to head to bed now, maybe I'll speak to him before then. Goodnight, Amelia!"
Amelia: "Night, Taylor!"

Taylor: "So, Englebert. How are you doing tonight?"
Englebert: "I'm mostly tired. What do you want?"

Taylor: "I want to know where this game stands! I want to know who we all plan on voting for on the final Quiz, so I can know what's going to happen exactly. What's your plan?"

Englebert: "Well, I plan not to talk to you, for one thing. I don't want my competitors to know my strategy."

Taylor: "So I was right! You do think Amelia is the Mole!"
Englebert: "Yes, you do too?"
Taylor: "No, I think its you."

Englebert: "Well, its not, but keep thinking that Taylor. Keep thinking that."
Taylor: "Goodnight, Englebert."
Englebert: "Goodnight, Taylor. Our last night in these beds."

Taylor: "I hadn't even thought about that. Our last night in these beds, spent not knowing the Mole."

Taylor: "I don't want to change my Mole, becuase I could be right! But at the same time, I don't want to keep my Mole because more and more I think I'm wrong! This is a crazy game, I'd hate to lose because I flopped or didn't flop last minute."

Greg: "And so, the last night is finally upon the contestants. Tomorrow is the most dramatic day yet, with them all finally picking their suspect and taking their final Quiz. Things are coming to a close. As Taylor would say, 'The Mole is looming!'."

Greg: "Amelia sleeps in her bed. She is torn, give a few questions to both, or settle on one? Would her indecisiveness cost her the game?"

Greg: "Taylor has changed her mind many at time, but will she pull through when it matters most?"

Greg: "And Englebert, our most bizarre contestants. He has been so certain of his Mole, but has he been wrong all along?"

Greg: "This house has served us for eleven episodes. It now gives the contestants one last night in it, before it begins to collect dust. Every loser so far has been primarily self-concerned. Every winner in the history of this show will be looking out for one person alone. In this house, every Mole has been for themselves."

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