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Episode 1.10- The Mole's Penultimate Victim

Amelia: "Hmm..."

Will: "Hey, Amelia. How are you doing this morning?"
Amelia: "Alright, Will. Confused, though."
Will: "About?"

Amelia: "The Mole. And you."
Will: "Me? You don't think its me, do you?"
Amelia: "No. I am fairly certain you are not the Mole, that its either Taylor or Englebert. But its making up my mind on which one. And making up my mind on if you are telling me to answer the Quiz in the right direction."

Will: "Amelia! We've been over this. You can trust me. I know its not you. All you need to do to stay in is split between Taylor and Englebert."
Amelia: "Split? How am I to know if you are going to split, or if Englebert or Taylor will split? I could know the Mole, and be sent home because I split my Quiz answers."

Will: "If you aren't going to split, you have a fifty fifty shot."
Amelia: "Are you splitting?"
Will: "I"

Amelia: "You see, that's why I don't trust you. Telling me to split when you weren't planning on splitting yourself. You think you know the Mole for sure, and won't tell me."
Will: "I've told you who I think the Mole is so many times. It won't make a difference at this point."

Amelia: "Maybe not. But, let's say that Englebert's the Mole. Taylor suspects him already, so if I split it between Taylor and Englebert, Taylor votes all Englebert, and you vote all Englebert, guess who's going home?"
Will: "But, if the Mole wasn't Englebert, then I would likely go home in that case. You see? So splitting and not splitting give you the same odds."
Amelia: "No, they don't. You are a faster Quiz taker than me. I need to know how everyone else is answering their Quiz before I make my decision."

Will: "Look, splitting has its risks. Giving all the answers to one person has its risks. I'm thinking of splitting, maybe giving most of mine to my prime suspect."
Amelia: "Will, for me its time to buckle down and pick someone. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, and I'll go home tonight. But if I'm right, then I'll know I'm right going into the last Mole Quiz."
Will: "I suppose you do have a point. I...need to think about it."

Amelia: "Will, I still don't like working with you any better than I did at first. I still get the feeling you are misleading me. You couldn't be the Mole, could you?"
Will: "Of course I could! All the suspects are blending together at this point. I still don't think its you, but as time goes on, it seems less and less likely to be Taylor and Englebert."

Amelia: "Well, of course it does! The Mole is trying to hide from us, he or she doesn't want to be caught. They are probably scrambling as we speak to make sure no one suspects."
Will: "And of course, someone always is going to suspect."

Amelia: "Whoever the Mole is, I will have to strangle them after the chaos they've put me through. They owe me one."
Will: "Tell me about it."

Will: "For the longest time, I thought that there was no way that Amelia was the Mole. But now, Taylor is seeming less and less suspicious, Englebert is seeming just as suspicious, and Amelia is seeming more and more suspicious. I just don't want to choose the wrong one, and be sent home. I hope I can make the right decision."

Taylor: "Englebert? I need your help."
Englebert: "Sure, Taylor. What do you need help with?"

Taylor: "I feel as though I'm going nuts, Englebert. I feel so tired all of the time, and everything everyone says seems suspicious. I need a break from this game."
Englebert: "Ha! This game isn't made for those who like taking breaks!"

Taylor: "I know, I know. But take last night! I was spouting madness. And I don't really think Will is the Mole, I don't even know where that came from. What's happening to me, Englebert? Am I going insane?"

Englebert: "Taylor, this 'ere game wears out all of us. All anyone wants to do is win it, but it just keeps getting harder. So yes, you are insane, but join the club. Soon, this will all be over, and we can go back to our ordinary lives."
Taylor: "But Englebert, what's driving me nuts is that I don't know the Mole! I thought it was you for the longest time, then I thought it was Amelia, and then Will, and now not Will and Amelia? Or you? I don't know, I don't know."

Englebert: "Taylor, I'm going to be right honest with you. I know the Mole. I've been voting for the same person every week for a while now, and I'm still in it, so that seems like a good enough sign to me."
Taylor: "Who?"

Englebert: "Ak, well can't tell ya that, see? I know it's hard, being here and having a chance at winning money and everything, but you're a nice girl. I'd like to see you make it to the finale with me. So pick a suspect, answer all of your Quiz for them, and pray that you did enough."
Taylor: "Englebert, thanks for helping me. I think you gave me just what I needed to know."
Englebert: "Ya see? You're welcome."

Taylor: "I don't feel any less exhausted, but somehow I think I have a somewhat larger chance of taking this home."
Englebert: "Taylor, I think you need a nap. You have rolls under your eyes, there!"
Taylor: "I always have them. It's not that I'm tired. I'm just getting old."

Englebert: "I'm one to talk to about getting old! Look at me, the eldest contestant, spry as a slinky!"
Taylor: "I shouldn't feel so old, but I do. I guess, it's that I'm so much older than Will."
Englebert: "To be honest with ya, Taylor, you dress in such a young style I would never guess how much older than him you are."

Taylor: "Oh, I don't think so. I'm old, and it's finally starting to show. And I'm thinking...what does Will want with an old thing like me? Is he just using me to win this?"

Englebert: "Oi, this is Will you are talking about! He clearly has a thing for older women. Look at him and Amelia."
Taylor: "That was quite strange, but I don't think he ever really liked her. He was using her, and now he's moved on to me."

Englebert: "Nonsense! Will is the shallow sort of guy who won't stay around you for long, but he genuinely must like you more than that Amelia woman--"

Amelia: "You guys talking about me?"
Englebert: "Not at all!"
Amelia: "Good, keep it that way."

Taylor: "So. This is it. One of us three is the Mole."
Englebert: "I think that's a fair statement."
Amelia: "Funny, though. We were in that 'alliance' together."

Taylor: "Amelia, you were never really a part of that alliance. Sorry to break it to you, but by the time you joined it was already broken beyond repair."
Amelia: "I was most definitely a member! I thought it was Ludwig, right along with you."

Englebert: "Ludwig. Ha! I'd forgotten. We lost Bella and Madison because they thought it was Ludwig."
Taylor: "It seems so strange now, doesn't it? They only went because they were slower than us, Englebert. It could of been us."
Amelia: "And it seems as though it never could have been Ludwig, now, as though we always suspected one of us three. We know it isn't Will, now it's just a matter of waiting and seeing who goes."

Taylor: "I need a nap, guys. I just feel so weak. Maybe I'm getting sick or something."
Englebert: "I hope you feel better soon."

Amelia: "Wait, Taylor, before you go."
Taylor: "Yes?"
Amelia: "Just answer me this. Which one of us do you think is the Mole?"

Taylor: "I'm afraid I don't want to tell you that, Amelia. It's every man for himself. All I've got to my name are my Quiz answers, and I'm not giving them up!"

Amelia: "Talking with Taylor and Englebert is so uncomfortable. One of us is the Mole. We all have our suspects, but we all know that the Mole is standing there, talking to us. And all I can think is how I wish that I could go walk along and get away from my 'alliance'."

Amelia: "Horribly smart girl."
Englebert: "Very smart indeed."

Taylor: "Will, kiss me."
Will: "Alright..."

Taylor: "I needed that. I've been feeling so out of it lately."
Will: "You want to talk strategy? You lovely thing you."

Taylor: "Um...not right now. I'm up for a little game. Want to play?"
Will: "Alright, sounds like fun."

Taylor: "We haven't used this table all season."
Will: "I know! Too scared of Execution to play. You know, we can strategize while we play."

Taylor: "Um, look Will. Our relationship is complicated. We both want to be together in the end, but I'm still not convinced you aren't the Mole. There, I said it."
Will: "Taylor, I don't mind you saying that. Actually, it means a lot."
Taylor: "Thanks. Your turn."

Will: "And if I'm perfectly honest, I'm not completely you are the Mole either."

Taylor: "What am I to do about that? It is what it is. I just hope you aren't Executed voting for me. I want you to stay, you see."
Will: "Nothing you can say will necessarily make me change my mind. But I have other suspects as well, as I should."

Taylor: "Ha! Other suspects! You suspect everyone, don't you? I'm with you there. Right with you."

Will: "Yeah, I suspect most of the contestants are suspicious of everyone. This game is designed so that you think everyone is the Mole. It is terribly frustrating that all of the people I thought could be the Mole (except for Amelia) made it to the end."
Taylor: "Except for Amelia? So you are torn between me and Englebert, like everyone else it seems."

Will: "Um. I wouldn't call me torn. I'm 90 percent sure it's you."

Taylor: "Oh. Well then, I guess we don't need anymore discussion if your mind is already made up."
Will: "Fine."
Taylor: "Fine."

Taylor: "That game with Will was so uncomfortable. He was so curt with me about thinking I was the Mole. I really hope he changes his mind, I don't want him sent home. I am not the Mole, and Will needs to see that or else it will be him next. I'm still not sure who the Mole is, but I'm leaning towards one suspect that I'm not ready to share with the rest of the contestants."

Englebert: "Amelia, want to go swimming in the hot tub?"
Amelia: "Are you sure?"
Englebert: "Yeah, why?"

Amelia: "Well, for one thing, it's pouring rain out there!"
Englebert: "Oh, it's just wet. A little water never hurt no one."
Amelia: "Tell that to someone who had a toaster fall in their bath!"

Englebert: "Ah. This is nice."
Amelia: "I'm really not sure I want to get in. The air is so cold, I think I will be freezing once I step out."
Englebert: "Oi, come on now! We need to talk about the Mole, not the tub!"

Amelia: "Okay. What do you want to talk about the Mole?"

Englebert: "Oh, just stuff. Who do you think it is? Taylor, right?"

Amelia: "Oh course I'd say I think it's Taylor. That's the most convenient answer for me, since otherwise I might have to admit I thought it was you."
Englebert: "Or Will! You mustn't leave Will out of this. I ain't so sure he's not the Mole!"

Amelia: "Oh, I am. Will's just an honest guy. Can't you tell? But of course, a Mole would always want to make everyone seem like a liar. Probably wouldn't even notice something like that."

Englebert: "He may be honest, but he's not particularly nice at all! Will, Taylor, who knows?"
Amelia: "You're forgetting someone."
Englebert: "What?"

Amelia: "Me, numbskull! I could be the Mole, and I think you think I am!"
Englebert: "Well, you think I'm the Mole, so we're even!"
Amelia: "Oh really?"

Englebert: "You are so obvious. I see right through you. You think you're making me think that you think I'm the Mole, but in reality, it's me who's thinking you're making me think you think I'm the Mole, while I simply think you are the Mole, and I'm trying to make you think it!"
Amelia: "I never said I thought you were the Mole. But it's really none of your business anyway. Can't we talk about something other than this bloody Mole! It could be Taylor! It could be Will! It could be me! Well it could be bloody anybody!"

Englebert: "Sheez, calm down woman. Bloody is my word."
Amelia: "Englebert, I'm only saying this once, so you'd better listen.!"

Englebert: "Wait, what? Sorry, wasn't listening."
Amelia: "Huh. Doesn't matter, now does it?"

Englebert: "Let's just relax, enjoy this beautiful day, and forget this whole thing ever happened."
Amelia: "Thank you."

Will: "Englebert! I have to talk to you!"
Englebert: "Alright."
Will: "..."

Amelia: "Well, go on! You aren't bothering me!"
Will: "I'd like to talk to him privately, if you please."

Amelia: "Fine. I'm going, I'm going."

Will: "I just wanted to be sure what you are thinking?"

Englebert: "Will, poor Will. I can't tell you what I'm thinking."
Will: "Why not? What's the harm in being open?"
Englebert: "I don't want to let you know. My answers are for my eyes. Why don't you tell me what you are thinking?"

Will: "Well, this is uncomfortable because, well, I'm considering you."
Englebert: "Why would that be awkward?" 
Will: "I'm not telling you my other suspect."

Englebert: "Don't bother. I can use logic. I think we are both on to the Mole!"

Will: "But neither one of us will tell the other. This is uncomfortable."
Englebert: "Well, let's change the subject. Who do you think is going?"
Will: "I can't imagine anyone going. We've all been together for this whole thing. As much as I hate you all, it will be strange with one of you missing."

Englebert: "Ah, well, I'm sorry, but I don't think the person you want to go is going to go."
Will: "And who do I want to go?"
Englebert: "Me, most likely."

Will: "And who do you think is going? Me?"

Englebert: "No, not you. Will, I'm sorry, but your girlfriend is next."
Will: "And how would you know that? I think maybe you will be going, or your girlfriend!"

Englebert: "My girlfriend isn't on this show!"
Will: "Wait, really? You, the pink-haired freak, have a girlfriend?"

Englebert: "Oh yeah, the crazy old Englebert has a girlfriend! And she's even prettier than Taylor!"
Will: "Um..."

Englebert: "Her one flaw? She is always babbling away with her big fat mouth! Babble babble babbly babble!"
Will: "Your girlfriend?"

Englebert: "Yeah, but it's not like Taylor is any better! Between you and me, she is going completely nuts!"
Will: "Shut up! Taylor isn't nuts!"
Englebert: "And I'm not insane! Gah!"

Englebert: "Ha! Will didn't believe that I had a girlfriend! Well, he's a jerk! My girlfriend is lovlier than his Taylor anyday! Not that I think he really cares about Taylor very much, but talk about judgemental. My pink hair is very popular among the ladies."

Taylor: "Amelia, I feel so energized! I'm ready to take this Quiz!"

Amelia: "I am too, Taylor. I just want to get it over with and see if I made it to the final three or not."
Taylor: "Amelia, what will you do if you get eliminated? After investing so much in this game?"

Amelia: "I'll be in shock, that's for sure. It will be so uncomfortable not being in this game anymore. It's only been a little over a week so far, can you believe that?"
Taylor: "It's shocking. No, I can't. Only a little over a week."

Amelia: "It feels like I've known you forever, but a few weeks ago, we could have walked past each other on the street without casting a sideways glance!"
Taylor: "I've just grown used to you so quickly. It will be hard to adjust to real life."

Amelia: "That's what's really shocking. In just a few days, we will be back home, this show all over."
Taylor: "Oh my, I hadn't even thought about that! It feels like this will go on forever!"
Amelia: "These next few days are very important for our future, though. They will determine if we leave here very rich or not."

Taylor: "And it all revolves around the Mole. But which one of you is it?"
Amelia: "Indeed. Which one of you is guilty? Someone has been lying to us this whole time, and we haven't noticed."

Taylor: "We both think it's Englebert, right?"
Amelia: "Um, actually Taylor, no we don't both think it's Englebert."
Taylor: "Who do you think it is?"

Amelia: "Um, well, I think it's--"
Greg: "Contestants, please report to the test-taking rooms."
Amelia: "Good luck Taylor!"

Greg: "Also, contestants, please note that this will be your last Quiz in the test-taking rooms, and it will also be your last ten question Quiz, so enjoy it. And, for one of you, it will be your last Quiz ever."
Contestants: "Okay, let's do this!"

Greg: "It's time for the Quiz, ten questions about the identity of the Mole."

"The player who scores the lowest on the Quiz will be Executed, and must leave the game immediately."

"In the event of a tie, the player who completed their Quiz the slowest will be Executed."

"I presume the rules of the Quiz are understood. Let us begin."

Question #1. Is the Mole male or female?
A. Male
B. Female

Question #2.  Did the Mole take the last Mole Quiz?
A. Yes.
B. No.

Question #3. During the last Execution, in what order were the Mole’s results read?
A. 1st
B. 2nd
C. 3rd
D. 4th
E.  5th
F. The Mole’s results were not read.

Question #4. In what order did the Mole first speak in episode 9?
A. 1st
B. 2nd
C. 3rd
D. 4th
E.  5th

Question #5.  During the challenge “How Did That Happen?”who was the Mole’s partner?
A. Taylor Bam.
B. Amelia Grant.
C. Englebert Humperdink.
D. Will Miller.

Question #6. After the challenge “How Did That Happen?” did the Mole read their final answers or did their partner?
A. They did.
B. Their partner did.

Question #7. What contestant did the Mole’s team not include as one of the parents during the challenge “How Did That Happen?”?
A. Bella Anderson.
B. Taylor Bam.
C. Amelia Grant.
D. Englebert Humperdink.
E. Rob Lopp.

F. Will Miller.
G. Ludwig Smosterbeard.
H. Madison Winter.

Question #8. In the challenge “How Did That Happen?” did the Mole’s team use Ludwig’s name for than once?
A. Yes.
B. No.

Question #9.  In the challenge “How Did That Happen?” how many points total did the Mole’s team add to the pot?
A. 50 points.
B. 75 points.
C. 100 points.
D. 125 points
E. 150 points

Question #10. Who is the Mole?

A. Taylor Bam
B. Amelia Grant
C. Englebert Humperdink
D. Will Miller

Bonus Question because I feel like being nice: How many points are currently in the pot? _____


Greg: "Welcome contestants, to your last Execution before the finale! Are you excited to see if you made it or not?"
Will: "Excited? I'm just nervous."

Greg: "You should be, because only one of you got my special bonus question correct! You lot need to be more observant!"
Amelia: "Why didn't you warn us there was going to be a bonus?"
Greg: "I wanted to give you a little surprise! A gift from me to you."
Taylor: "Some gift."

Greg: "Alright, well let's not waste any time and get down to business."
Englebert: "Let's do it!"

Greg: "Will, you are up first tonight."

Will: "Give me good news, Greg."

Will: "Oh no! No, no, no! Not me!"

Greg: "Will, I'm sorry, you have been Executed from the Mole."
Will: "There's no way it's not me? No mistake."
Greg: "No, I'm sorry."
Will: "Ugh. Okay."

Greg: "Will, I have to ask you to leave. Please pack your bags and head towards the front door."

Will: "So long, everyone. Good luck, everyone! Nice job, Mole, I know who you are now!"

Greg: "So, Will, how are you feeling?"
Will: "Alright. Disappointed, though. I really thought I had the Mole."
Greg: "You weren't necessarily wrong! Maybe the other two just remembered more."

Will: "Maybe, I guess. I hope I didn't get sent home knowing who the Mole was though, that would stink."
Greg: "Yes, I'm sure it would, and let's hope that that wasn't the case."

Will: "Now I want to know who the Mole is! Can't you tell me since I've been Executed?"
Greg: "Sorry. What was your biggest regret?"

Will: "That last hour was my downfall. I had a few conversations that completely shaped who I wound up voting for. I can't help but wonder if my Mole suspect was correct, and I changed it to an incorrect Mole."
Greg: "Well, Will, it's time to go. There is a cab parked outside, waiting to take you home. I will see you again in a few days for the finale."

Will: "Do I really have to go all the way home if I'll only be back here again in a few days?"
Greg: "Yes. We aren't paying for a hotel for you to stay at!"

Will: "Are you really that cheap? Goodbye, Greg!"
Greg: "Goodbye! Until we meet again!"

Cab Driver: "Hello. Am I taking you to a hotel?"
Will: "Nope! Cheap Greg is making you drive me back home."

Cab Driver: "Cheap? Ha, I'm getting paid for this."
Will: "That's very nice."
Cab Driver: "I think so."

Will: "Very nice indeed..."

Greg: "And now, we have our final three!"
Taylor: "Woo!"
Greg: "One of you will win, one of you will be our final loser, and one of you is the Mole! The finale is fast-approaching, I think you'd better start preparing if you haven't already!" 
Amelia: "Ok, will do."

Greg: "But first, this episode is Will's. Let's each take a few minutes to say a few words about Will."

Englebert: "I never particularly liked Will. He always seemed a bit void of personality and dull to me. But, I do think I know who he thought was the Mole, and his Execution only strengthens my suspicions!"

Amelia: "Will and I had a mixed relationship. On one hand, I hated him and how obnoxious he was. But, at the same time, he and I were linked with a mutual goal: to unmask the Mole. He was, in reality, the only contestant who wasn't suspicious to me at all, and since I think no one thought he was the Mole, that says a lot about the sort of person who succeeds on this show."

Taylor: "Will has been so much to me. We've had our falling outs, and we both sometimes suspected each other, but I was closer to him than the other two contestants. And by closer I mean...y'know! So, I think his Execution proves to me one thing: that nothing is fixed in this game, and anything can happen. We don't know who Will thought was the Mole, but we can only speculate and wonder if we are just as wrong as he was."

Greg: "I'm turning off another one of the lamps in Will's memory."

Greg: "Now, only three lamps remain. One for each of you. But one of them belongs to the Mole."
Taylor: "Aw! Will!" 

Greg: "And, we also have our first officially deserted bedroom. It's sad to see it empty. Soon, the other's will join it."

Greg: "Goodnight, contestants."
Englebert: "Goodnight, Will."

Greg: "Now, only three remain. Two have had to be very lucky and very clever to get here. But one was always going to make it this far. One of these three is the Mole, but which one? Soon all will be revealed!"

Greg: "Is it Taylor, the middle-aged German girl whose boyfriend's Execution may finally push her completely over the brink of insanity?"

Greg: "Or maybe Amelia, the sweet old lady from New York who has been involved in her fair share of drama and romance this season?" 

Greg: "Or finally Englebert, the freaky, elderly, pink-haired fairy from Britain who has spent his days in this house picking fights and driving everyone insane?"

Greg: "One is the winner. One is the final victim. One of them is the Mole. And Will? Will is no more, the penultimate victim of the Mole."

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