Friday, April 5, 2013

Episode 1.07- Rub a Dub Dub, a Mole and their Tub

Taylor: "Good morning, Englebert. You're certainly up early."
Englebert: "Oh, hey Taylor. Yeah, couldn't sleep. There's too much going on. It's amazing to think that Bella is gone."
Taylor: "I know. Bella, Bella was the glue in our alliance."

Englebert: "It makes me think, though. I mean, we all know who Bella thought was the Mole. So I guess she's been wrong the whole time."

Taylor: "I guess so. We were all wrong."
Englebert: "We? I never voted with you."
Taylor: "I thought you did!"

Englebert: "Oh, please! I've been changing who I voted for on the Mole quiz every time. I was never as sure as any of you lot fought you were."
Taylor: "Have you voted for me?"
Englebert: "You mind? That's none of your business."

Taylor: "Really? You're going to go about thinking I'm the Mole? We're all that's left of our old alliance. We need to stay together. I don't think you're the Mole."
Englebert: "Oh, don't you?"

Taylor: "No! I never thought you were the Mole."
Englebert: "Wouldn't be the first time you were wrong."
Taylor: "Excuse me? You aren't the Mole, you've made that perfectly clear. You aren't a good enough actor to pull off the Mole."

Englebert: "I think I'm good enough."
Taylor: "Please. If this next challenge is acting, we're screwed. We can give the Mole all of the points now."
Englebert: "I'll have you know I was in my highschool musical Senoir year! We did Showboat."

Taylor: "And you were what? Pink-haired freak number 2?"
Englebert: "Yes, how'd you know? I was amazing!"

Taylor: "Englebert, has anyone ever told you that you are hilarious?"
Englebert: "Hmm. May of come up."
Taylor: "You don't say?"

Englebert: "But I wasn't trying to be! Honest, completely! I just was trying to have a serious strategic conversation."
Taylor: "Sure you were."

Englebert: "It wouldn't surprise me if Taylor was the Mole. Wouldn't surprise me at all. She's the sort of person no one would suspect until they went home, so yes, she could definitely pull it off. Will could do it, too. There's something that seems wholesome about them. Well, if one of them is the Mole, they can't hide from Englebert forever! I'm Mole-hunting now, baby!"

Amelia: "Ludwig! Didn't see you there."

Ludwig: "Hello...Amelia. What do you want?"

Amelia: "Um, nothing much. It's just..."
Ludwig: "Out with it!"

Amelia: "Ludwig, I know you aren't the Mole."
Ludwig: "How?"
Amelia: "I knew Bella thought you were, and she's gone."
Ludwig: "Ah, but how do you know Bella didn't change her mind at the last minute?"

Amelia: "She didn't."
Ludwig: "Of course she didn't. She would want you to think that."
Amelia: "What's that supposed to mean?"

Ludwig: "Amelia, I get it. You've figured out that I'm not the Mole! Congratulations, I never even tried to trick you into believing otherwise!"
Amelia: "I know you didn't but..."
Ludwig: "You believed Bella, you left me, and now you've come crawling back because you realize that I was the only person that you could ever trust! Well, I don't want you anymore! Yes, I was honest, and you left me for Will, then for Bella, then Taylor and Englebert, and everyone else in this bloody house! You were my only friendship here. My mistake..."

Amelia: "Ludwig, I truly am sorry. I only thought..."

Ludwig: "Amelia, there is nothing to think. Whatever connection we had for the first blooming day here is gone. I feel nothing but apathy towards your cold-hearted self."

Amelia: "Ludwig, I'm not sure what I did that was all that terrible!"
Ludwig: "Go away."

Amelia: "It's just that--"
Ludwig: "Go away."

Amelia: "But I was only trying to--"
Ludwig: "Go away now, Amelia."

Amelia: "Ludwig..."
Ludwig: "Go away and let me eat my yogurt in peace."

Englebert: *singing* "I'm playin' that big ole banjo that's upstairs. Practicing my banjo big ole skills!"

Will: "Englebert, stop that racket."
Englebert: "What? Oh, sure."
Will: "Uh, thank you?"

Englebert: "No problem at all. My pleasure, actually."

Will: "So, Englebert, while we're both here, we need to talk."
Englebert: "Talk? About?"
Will: "My game. Our game. I have a Mole suspect, but you know them better than me. What do you say? Should we team up?"

Englebert: "Team up? Listen here, I have a Mole suspect, too, and her name starts with a W and ends with two Ls!"
Will: "Watch your tongue!"
Englebert: "Oh, shut up."

Will: "All I want is for us to work together. It will help us both!"

Englebert: "Oh, will it, Will! It will help you is what you mean! It will get Englebert off of Will's damn trail!"

Will: "My trail? You're the one leaving a Mole-ish trail behind you!"
Englebert: "I thought you thought someone else was the Mole?"
Will: "Um..."

Englebert: "Hahaha, caught you Mole-handed! Can't keep your story straight. Classic Mole..."
Will: "This is the first season. There is no classic Mole."
Englebert: "So you get to set an example for all Moles to come, I suppose?"
Will: "I am no Mole!"

Taylor: "This room is so sad. It's empty. Makes me miss Bella and Madison even more, seeing their room all empty like this."

Amelia: "Hey, Taylor, what are you doing in here?"

Taylor: "Oh, hey Amelia. I'm just thinking. It's so lonesome, being the last two girls left."
Amelia: "Missing Madison and Bella?"

Taylor: "Yeah. It's also annoying that there's an empty bedroom while I'm stuck rooming with Englebert."
Amelia: "Yeah, speaking of him. That's what I wanted to talk to you about."
Taylor: "No, you don't think he's the Mole do you?"

Amelia: "I didn't. But then, Bella's elimination got me thinking. Someone must have tricked Bella, someone close to her. Who was closer to Bella than Ludwig?"
Taylor: "I was pretty close to her."

Amelia: "Yeah, but Englebert had a connection with her. You can't deny that."
Taylor: "Then, Englebert tricked all of us. We all thought it was Ludwig at some point."

Amelia: "I know. It's amazing we all made it this far without realizing that it was him."

Taylor: "Well, thanks for having this talk. It helped me clear my head."
Amelia: "Yes, thanks. I just have one thing more to say."
Taylor: "What?"

Englebert: "What are you guys talking about? Alliance-y stuff?"

Amelia: "Um, nothing. I mean, the Mole. I mean, nothing. Nothing about the Mole, and nothing about you!"
Englebert: "..."

Taylor: "What she means"

Englebert: "I'll just go then."

Taylor: "I'm so glad that Amelia decided to confide in me on who she thought the Mole was. Unless she's trying to trick me, but I don't think she is, and she may be on to something! It could definitely be Englebert, that's a definite possibility! And, if it isn't, I'm a faster Quiz taker than her, so it won't matter!"

Amelia: "No, come out in the hall with me!"

Taylor: "Let's dance, woohoo!"
Englebert: "Um, I guess. Wait, wasn't there...nevermind! I do love dancing!"

Will: "Hey, Ludwig."
Ludwig: "Will. Just the person I was hoping to see."

Will: "Reallly, why?"

Will: "Enjoy your time in the sun, Ludwig. Soon it will be quite painful."

Ludwig: "What do you mean?"

Will: "Oh, nothing. Have you noticed anything...unusual."

Ludwig: "Well, that's what I was going to talk about. There's this blemish on my neck. It seems like I got a spider bite or something. You would happen to know what sort of spiders live around here, would you?"

Will: "That was no spider."
Ludwig: "It wasn't?"

Will: "Ach, I dunno. Maybe it was. You'll just have to wait and see."
Ludwig: "?????"

Ludwig: "I can't help but feel as though Will is hinting at something. It has something to do with this lump on my neck, I can tell you that, but I don't know what. Whatever it is, he better stop kidding around. If he's done something to me, I want to know."

Greg: "All contestants report to the Living Room! It's time for your next challenge!"
Taylor: "Let's do this!"

Greg: "Contestants, welcome to your fourth Mole challenge!"

Englebert: "I see that you're still wearing your knickers!"
Greg: "Ya know what, you people need to stop mentioning that! I took my suit to the tailor!"
Will: "How? None of us are allowed to leave this house."
Greg: "Alright, you caught me. I just didn't feel like getting dressed."
Amelia: "Um...okay."

Greg: "Alright, so here is how this challenge will work. You will each be given 25 rubber ducks. You are to divide them between your fellow contestants bathtubs. You can add up to 10 of your ducks to your own tub. In the end, every contestant with 20-30 ducks in their tub will add 50 points to the pot. Any contestant with 10-19 ducks will add 20 points to the pot. Any contestant with more than 30 ducks will add no points to the pot. But there's a twist!"
Ludwig: "Ah, isn't there always!"

Greg: "The contestant who has the most ducks in their tub will win an Exemption!"
Everyone: "Oo! Ah!"
Greg: "This challenge is called "Rub a Dub Dub" because there are bathtubs and that's an obvious name! And it could be worth up to 250 points, if everyone adds 50 points to the pot! Everyone ready? Great then lets begin."

Greg: "Welcome, all. I'm handing out your ducks now."

Greg: "Ludwig, you are up first."
Ludwig: "Right, let's do this."

Ludwig: "I'll put 10 in my tub..."

Ludwig: " well as 15 in Taylor's."
Greg: "That's it?"
Ludwig: "Yes."
Greg: "Alright, you can leave the challenge area."

Ludwig: "Great, I shall."

Greg: "Amelia, you are next."
Amelia: "Good. It's getting hot out here."

Amelia: "I'll give Ludwig a duck."
Greg: "Just a duck?"
Amelia: "Better than no ducks."

Amelia: "I'll give myself 10."

Amelia: "Taylor can have 3 ducks."

Amelia: "Will, despite how we've not gotten along, can have 10 ducks."

Amelia: "And Englebert can many ducks do I have left?"
Greg: "Just one."
Amelia: "Then he gets a duck."
Greg: "Alright, Amelia. You may leave the challenge area."
Amelia: "Alright, I shall."

Amelia: "Good luck fellow contestants!"
Everyone left: "Thanks!"

Greg: "Taylor, you are next."
Taylor: "Alright."

Taylor: "I'll give myself 5 ducks."

Taylor: "And Will can have 20 ducks!"
Greg: "20 points, wow! That's the most ducks a contestant has given another so far."
Taylor: "Yeah, can I leave now?"

Greg: "Alright, you may go."
Taylor: "Great!"

Greg: "Will, you are next!"
Will: "Can't wait. I'm burning up out here!"

Will: "I'll give Amelia 5 ducks,"

Will: "Taylor 10 ducks,"

Will: "and I'll put 10 in my own tub. And I need to go, now. I'm literally on fire out here!"
Greg: "Okay, you can go."

Will: "Thank God. It was so hot!"

Greg: "Englebert, you are next."

Englebert: "I want to put 6 ducks in Ludwig's tub."

Englebert: "2 will be put in Amelia's tub."

Englebert: "Taylor can have 2 of these little duckies!"

Englebert: "Will can take 5 of them."

Englebert: "And I'll get the last 10 ducks to myself!"
Greg: "I need to count them. Leave now."

Englebert: "Okay, okay. I'm leaving!"
Greg: "Please do."

Greg: "There were 17 in Ludwig's tub. 3 more and it would have been 50 points, but still, that's still 20 points! Not bad!"

Greg: "In Amelia's, there were also 17 ducks! Another 20 points, and we have a tie!"

Greg: "In Taylor's tub, there are 35 ducks! Since that's over 30, no points are added to the pot! Taylor is in the lead now!"

Greg: "But she wouldn't be for long! Will now takes the lead, with 45 ducks! Needless to say, that is more than 30, so no points! Will might have an Exemption here, but we'll have to see if Englebert can top it."

Greg: "Oh, my! Englebert has a measly 11 ducks in his tub! That's 20 points, and it means that Will recieves the Exemption!"

Greg: "Look at all of those ducks!"
Camera Man: "That's a lot of ducks, sir!"

Greg: "I know, aren't they just the cutest things!"
Camera Man: "I wouldn't call them cute, sir!"
Greg: "Well, I like them."

Greg: "Contestants, time to come to the Living Room and hear your results!"

Amelia: "Can you tell me mine first? I need to know if I won that Exemption!"
Greg: "Amelia, there were 17 ducks in your tub, so you did not win an Exemption, but you added 20 points. Englebert, there were 11 ducks in yours. That's another 20 points."
Englebert: "Not bad, I suppose."

Greg: "Ludwig, you had 17 ducks in your tub, so that's another 20 points in the pot. And that leaves our two contestants with the most ducks in their Pots!"
Ludwig: "Bummer. I was gettting used to not taking the Quiz!"

Greg: "Taylor and Will, this was close, but the winner, with 45 ducks in their tub, is..."

"...Will! Congratulations, Will, you will not be taking the Quiz!"
Will: "Hooray! Two times in a row, baby!"

Greg: "Yes, it has come to my attention that two of you seem to be winning Exemptions over and over. Will and Ludwig, you have just earned you last Exemptions, because no more will be given out this season!"
Taylor: "Wow, really? Guess I'll never know safety during the Quiz."
Greg: "And this challenge added 60 points to the pot! Not many at all, the Mole is at work."

Amelia: "I cannot believe Will won! I wanted someone else to experience an Exemption besides him and Ludwig..."

Englebert: "Well, to be fair, you did put 10 points in his pot. If you hadn't done that, he wouldn't have won. He and Taylor would have tied."

Amelia: "I know! I can't believe it! I thought, since he didn't really have an alliance, that he'd need ducks more in order to add points to the Pot!"

Englebert: "Doesn't have an alliance! Taylor gave him 20 of her points! If she hadn't done that, she'd of won!"
Amelia: "Oh, please. Taylor's not in an alliance with Will. She's still with me, I mean--us."

Englebert: "If you believe that, you are right stupid! I've seen Taylor and Will making goo goo eyes to each other!"
Amelia: "That doesn't mean anything! She might like Will, but she's still on our side."
Englebert: "I dunno..."

Amelia: "I know Taylor, I can trust her."
Englebert: "Are you sure about that? You never know who the Mole could be..."
Amelia: "I know, I know. It could be anyone."

Amelia: "It could be anyone! I never said anything so true! Little does Englebert really know that he's my prime suspect! It was all I could do to keep from breaking out laughing there. Like I really think its Taylor. Okay, well it could be, but Englebert is at the top of my Mole list!"

Will: "Taylor, you know there's a reason why I chose to sit on the same couch as you?"
Taylor: "Oh, is there?"

Will: "Oh, yes. You're just so cute I couldn't help myself!"

Taylor: "Oh, stop it."
Will: "Really? You want me to stop?"

Taylor: "No thanks! I'd rather you not stop!"

Taylor: "Oh, Will!"

Will: "Oh, Taylor! You are a much better kisser than Amelia!"

Ludwig: "Um, guys, what are you doing?"
Will: "What does it look like? Scram!"

Ludwig: "I...uh. I should go."

Ludwig: "Guys?"

Ludwig: "Will, I thought we were in an alliance or something! A friendship at least, and he didn't even tell me about this."

Ludwig: "I guess that's over."

Will: "I could not believe Ludwig, ruining the moment like that! I mean, how would he feel if the roles were reversed! If he was the one making out with Amelia, like we all know he wants to (she's a horrible kisser, so I can't imagine why), he would be furious if I came up and pestered him. Come on, bro. Cut me a little slack!"

Will: "Englebert, can I swap beds with you? I really want to sleep in the same room as Taylor, and you'd get a room to yourself!"

Englebert: "Hmm..."
Will: "Please, Englebert!"

Englebert: "Alright, and take some fairy dust, too! It helps with the romancin', am I right?"
Will: "Sure, whatever."

Englebert: "Goodnight, Will. Looking forward to not having Taylor keep me up all night."
Will: "Goodnight, Englebert."

Will: "Or should I say...Mole!"
Englebert: "I HEARD THAT!"

Will: "Eww, this bed still smells like him! Prunes and fairy dust!"
Greg: "And so, the house goes to bed early, and after many late nights, its a welcome change."

Pot: 304/846

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