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Episode 1.09- The Mole's Children

Amelia: "Taylor? What are you doing out there so early?"

Taylor: "I come out her every morning, Amelia. It helps me think. Get a grip on this game and the Mole."
Amelia: "Need some quiet time, eh? Yeah, I agree, it's nice to just go outside and think. You know Taylor, you are lucky."
Taylor: "Lucky?"

Amelia: "You get on with everyone. I mean, I don't like Will much at all, and I don't care for Englebert either. No one has anything against you. But makes me think..."
Taylor: "Think?"

Amelia: "Well, you can't deny that that's the sort of thing the Mole would do. Make everyone like him or her, I mean."
Taylor: "Amelia, I'm telling you this because I want you stay in the game: I'm not the Mole."
Amelia: "Um..."

Taylor: "Look, it's Englebert! I already know that Will thinks its me, so he'll be going next unless you switch to me as well."
Amelia: "You know that? How?"

Taylor: "At least, that's what I figured, and by the look of it, I was right. I guess it was just something in the way he kissed me. Seemed like he was holding something back."

Amelia: "But look, Taylor, we are the final four. One more of us has to go before finale night, and I don't want that to be me. I'm not a fast Quiz-taker. If I'm wrong, I'm going home. So I can't eliminate anyone from suspicion."

Taylor: "I can eliminate you. You genuinely try at all of these challenges. If you are the Mole, I'll be kicking myself later for saying this, though."
Amelia: "Exactly! If you are the Mole and I decide to go with Englebert, I will not be able to get over it. But, we're at a point in the game where you really can't split your Quiz answers. You need to settle down on a suspect for good. I need to be sure."

Taylor: "I understand, Amelia. That doesn't mean the Mole's not me for you, no doubt, but all I can do is hope that you make the right decision. We'll find out at the Execution tomorrow."

Taylor: "I hope Amelia doesn't get sent home because she suspects me. I enjoy having her around, and don't want her to go home next. Ideally, I would want Englebert to go, but as he is most likely the Mole, I'm not so sure that's going to happen. I don't know, I don't want to see anyone leave! Amelia made a good point though, I do seem to get along with everyone. If Englebert isn't the Mole, and that can somehow convince him that the Mole is me, then I guess that's a good thing. I really just hope it isn't me next, but I think I'll still be voting Englebert unless something changes my mind."

Englebert: "Raking the leaves! Having lots of fun doing the yard work! Rake 'em here! Rake 'em there! Rake 'em, rake 'em--"
Will: "Englebert? What are you doing?"

Englebert: "Oh, um, uh, nothing. Nothing at all. Just, uh, enjoying this 'ere beautimous morning!"
Will: "Were you...singing?"
Englebert: "No! Me? Never!"
Will: "..."

Englebert: "So, where is your head at game-wise?"

Will: "Englebert, why would I want to talk strategy with you? I've rather had enough of you, and would like to see you Executed next. So I'm hoping you don't know my Mole suspect, since I know it is her."

Englebert: "Her? So you reckon it's Amelia. Right, I agree with you there."

Will: "Well it's clearly either Amelia or Taylor. My two ladies, got them both wrapped around my finger. It's up to you to choose with one you think I suspect."

Englebert: "I thought you hated Amelia!"
Will: "I do. And she hates me. Have you got an issue with that?"
Englebert: "I can't imagine why."

Will: "You know what, Englebert? You are even more annoying than our Mole! I think you genuinely think that I care what you think, well, sadly, you are mistaken!"

Englebert: "Oh, come 'ere you little twerp!"

Will: "Serves you right, you freaky little flying disease-carrying pest!"

Englebert: "I hate you, vampiric, ah, Will!"
Will: "You really have a way with insults."

Englebert: "Look, I've never pretended to like this Will character. But really, I'm trying to see what he's thinking because I genuinely do not think he is the Mole. He's done very little in the way of Mole-ish acts. I still think it's Amelia, I think she was sabotaging Taylor in the challenge today. But I suppose Will does too, so it doesn't really matter. A shame we can't allign, though, since we have the same suspect."

Will: "Hey, Taylor. Looking lovely, as always."

Taylor: "Hey, Will. How are you feeling? Alright?"
Will: "I am now..."

Taylor: "Will!"

Will: "All I can do right now is pray that we both make it through this looming next-to-last Execution and be together for this entire journey."
Taylor: "But that could very well mean that one of us is the Mole! Not sure I want that!"

Will: "Oh, the Will has to be either Amelia or Englebert. Probably Amelia, she's clever enough for it. And you've noticed, I'm sure, how much slower than the rest of us she takes her Quiz? Yes, she's got to be the Mole."

Taylor: "Amelia? I was thinking Englebert, the fastest Quiz taker. Opposite ends of the spectrum. That would explain why he is so fast. He doesn't have to worry like the rest of us do."

Will: "We need to come to a final decision on this, or else one of us is clearly going."
Taylor: "I know. This is so nerve-racking."

Will: "I'm sure the Mole is staring us in the face right now and we have yet to spot him or her."
Taylor: "I know, my head wants to explode with all of the notes I'm taking and trying to remember."
Will: "Those notes are such a pain, but they are super necessary for the Quiz."

Taylor: "Yes. But what do you say we relax and take a little time away from strategy?"
Will: "Oh, yes please."

Taylor: "Hello there, my sweet Mole hunter."

Will: "Hello there, my sweet Mole!"

Will: "It's horrible talking strategy with Taylor when I think she is the Mole I can't tell her. I'll feel really bad for deceiving her if it turns out that she isn't the Mole, but if she isn't, I suppose it must be Englebert, in which case she will probably win. Or Amelia, I suppose, but I've not seriously considered her as the Mole for a little while. I'm honed in on Taylor right now, and I think Amelia is torn between Englebert and Taylor. As far as I know, no one thinks it is me, which is smart of them, as I am not the Mole. I need to keep in mind that someone is lying about their suspicions, though."

Greg: "Contestants, it's time for your next challenge! Please report to the backyard for instructions."

Greg: "Contestants, welcome to you challenge! This one is called, "How Did That Happen?" because you will be looking at the possible future children of this seasons' contestants!"

Greg: "Begin by sorting yourselves into pairs."

Taylor: "Can I join your pair, Amelia? Girl power, remember?"

Amelia: "Alright, cool Taylor!"

Englebert: "Great, I'm left with Will! Grrrr!"

Will: "I'm a tad scared."

Greg: "Alright, so your two pairs will each be looking, together, at the faces on the five easels behind me. Their goal is to determine, together, with of this seasons contestants could have been the parents. To make it a little harder, hair colors and skin colors have been changed, a gender swap occurred at least once to the parents, some contestants may have been used twice, and one contestant is never used at all!"

Greg: "Does everyone understand the rules?
Contestants: "Yes!"
Greg: "Great. Will and Englebert, you two are up first."

Will: "These children are going to be hideous. Especially if they came from you, Englebert."
Engelbert: "Oi! But, well you have a point. That's why I never wanted a wife and kids."
Will: "That's why."

Englebert: "Ah! It's hideous!"
Will: "Must be your kid, Englebert!"

Englebert: "That thing looks nothing like me. But, well it looks nothing like anyone. Maybe Bella's lips?"
Will: "I think Bella, yes. And the other parent? Another girl maybe?"
Englebert: "I have no idea, lets go with Taylor."
Will: "Alright. But my Taylor is more attractive than that thing."

Englebert: "Hmm. Tough. It's eyes look like Amelia to me."
Will: "He's actually not that ugly at all. Maybe he's my kid?"

Englebert: "Do you really think so? I was leaning towards Ludwig actually."
Will: "I don't think so. Looks like Amelia and myself to me."

Englebert: "Well, she's attractive."
Will: "Looks like someone forgot to change the eyebrow color!"
Englebert: "Or they intentionally made it different to confuse us."

Will: "It looks like Rob for sure to me."
Englebert: "I agree. But who else?"
Will: "Let's just say a random name. Madison?"
Englebert: "Might as well."

Will: "That's Ludwig!"
Englebert: "That is definitely Ludwigy right there!"

Will: "But who else?"
Englebert: "Wait, stand next to the picture. Yeah, that's you!"
Will: "You think? I guess so."

Englebert: "Hmm. This one looks like two girls to me."
Will: "I agree. The nose is a bit like Taylor's."
Englebert: "I agree, Taylor is one. But who is the other girl?"

Will: "The eyes look a bit like Amelia."
Englebert: "Okay, let's say Taylor and Amelia. And that was the last one!"

Greg: "Alright, so give me your final guesses."
"First one: Bella and Taylor.
Second one: Amelia and Will.
Third one: Madison and Rob.
Fourth one: Will and Ludwig.
Fifth one: Amelia and Taylor."
Greg: "Okay. Please go fetch Amelia and Taylor for me."

Will: "Amelia, Taylor, Greg is looking for you."

Amelia: "We're coming, Greg! Give us a minute."

Greg: "After an annoying amount of waiting, Taylor and Amelia, you may now look at your future kids."

Taylor: "I can't wait to see how these look! I hope there's one with Will and me!"
Amelia: "Eww."

Taylor: "That one is hideous! It has to be Englebert!"
Amelia: "I'm not sure...maybe."
Taylor: "And for the other one...I'm not sure."

Amelia: "I think it has Madison's lips."
Taylor: "It could be Madison. Okay, let's go with it!"
Amelia: "Englebert and Madison, then. Alright?"
Taylor: "Yes, that's good."

Amelia: "This one looks like Ludwig."
Taylor: "Hmm. Yes, I think so. And who else?"
Amelia: "I'm not really sure, Taylor."

Taylor: "Does it look like me, do you think?"
Amelia: "Maybe. Let's go with that, I've got nothing."
Taylor: "So, Ludwig and me for this one?"
Amelia: "I think so."

Taylor: "This looks just like Rob."
Amelia: "Yes, Rob must have strong genes, but who else could it be?"
Taylor: "I'm not sure."

Amelia: "The nose looks a tad like Bella."
Taylor: "It's as good as anything, I suppose."
Amelia: "That sounds pretty good."
Taylor: "I think so."

Amelia: "I can't really tell. Maybe there's some Will in this one?"
Taylor: "Could be. But who else?"
Amelia: "Does it look like Bella to you?"

Taylor: "Not really. I'm thinking Englebert."
Amelia: "I really have no idea."
Taylor: "We can answer Bella if you want to."
Amelia: "No, Englebert is fine."

Taylor: "This one has to be Ludwig."
Amelia: "What makes you say that?"
Taylor: "It just looks like Ludwig to me."

Amelia: "I don't really see it. It looks more like Bella to me."
Taylor: "I think it's Bella and Ludwig."
Amelia: "I'm not sure about the Ludwig part, but I guess it's alright."
Taylor: "Okay, if you are sure?"
Amelia: "I'm sure."

Greg: "So, you two think you are done?"
Amelia: "Yes, Greg, we are done."
Greg: "What are your final answers?"
"For the first one, Madison and Englebert.
For the second one, Ludwig and myself.
For the third one, Rob and Bella.
For the fourth one, Englebert and Will.
For the fifth one, Ludwig and Bella."
Greg: "Thank you. Please report to the living room now for your results."

Greg: "Alright, contestants. Welcome back from that challenge. How do you think you did?"
Amelia: "I don't know, Will. It was quite challenging, but we may have done very well."

Greg: "Okay, let's announce the results. For the first one, Will and Englebert said 'Bella and Taylor' and Taylor and Amelia said 'Madison and Englebert'. The correct answer was 'Madison and Bella', so you each added 25 points."
Will: "Off to a decent start..."

Greg: "For the second, Englebert and Will said 'Amelia and Will' and Taylor and Amelia said 'Ludwig and Taylor'. The correct answer was 'Bella and Amelia', so you only added 25 points to the pot for that one."
Englebert: "Come on, Amelia and Taylor. We can still do well on this thing!"

Greg: "For the third one, Englebert and Will said 'Madison and Rob' and Amelia and Taylor said 'Rob and Bella'. The correct answer was 'Taylor and Rob', so you scored a total of 50 points from this picture. That means you scored a total of 125 points so far."
Taylor: "We aren't doing half-bad!"

Greg: "Next, for the fourth one, Englebert and Will said 'Will and Ludwig' and Amelia and Taylor said 'Englebert and Will'. 'Will and Ludwig' is correct, so you scored 75 points for the pot!"
Amelia: "Woo! Nice job everyone!"

Greg: "And for the final one, Will and Englebert said 'Amelia and Taylor' and Amelia and Taylor said 'Ludwig and Bella'. The correct answer is Will and Rob, so you scored no points for this last one!"
Englebert: "Aw! Boo!"

Greg: "Since each correct parent was worth 25 points, this challenge was worth a total of 500 points. Of those 500, however, you scored 200, so a little under half. Nice job, anyhow, but this was a victory for the Mole."
Will: "Thanks, Greg. I think we did quite decently."

Greg: "However, maybe you would have done even better if one of you hadn't convinced their partner to pick the wrong answer on several occasions. Maybe your victory would be much greater if it wasn't for...the Mole!"
Amelia: "Great, now I'm suspicious of everyone even more! this challenge only confused me!"

Greg: "You are all now dismissed to prepare for your Execution tomorrow."

Amelia: "We could have done better at the challenge. I think whoever the Mole is really did try, though, as no one did terrible, and it really was a very hard challenge. Taylor made a few suggestions that seemed a little random to me, but that might just be me being paranoid. And, I couldn't watch Englebert and Will, so I have no idea how they influenced each other. Englebert might have been acting as a Mole where I couldn't watch him."

Englebert: "Hello, Amelia. Was Taylor at all Mole-ish during that last challenge?"

Amelia: "If she was, she was very sneaky about it. It seemed like she was trying her best ."
Englebert: "I really had no way of knowing what she'd done. I was just wondering."
Amelia: "What about Will?"

Englebert: "You don't think Will is the Mole, so it doesn't matter."
Amelia: "But everything matters. What, did Will do something Mole-ish?"
Englebert: "It just seemed like a lot of the ones he suggested wound up being wrong, that's all. I wonder if you Mole has the answers to all of the challenges."

Amelia: "Oh, the Mole does."
Englebert: "You seem awfully quick to answer?"
Amelia: "Paranoid much, Englebert! Scared of lil' old me?"

Englebert: "Oi, you are not little! You are massive!"
Amelia: "Excuse me?"

Englebert: "Nothing."
Amelia: "What did you say, you little pig?"

Englebert: "I wouldn't call me a pig, if I were you. I mean look at the size of your--"

Amelia: "Englebert, I cannot believe you would say that."
Englebert: "What, I cannot tell a lie?"

Amelia: "You are an insensitive, horrible person, and I never want to talk to you again! And you are the Mole!"

Englebert: "Amelia, I was only being honest. But it doesn't really matter, because I think you are the Mole as well!"

Amelia: "Get away from me, Englebert!"

Will: "Hey, Amelia. You seem in an awful mood."
Amelia: "Well, for one thing I'm around you."

Will: "I thought we were getting along!"
Amelia: "But for another...I'm around Englebert! He insulted me, and really got me down."

Will: "Amelia, you have to get yourself together! You cannot go home next, because if you do, Englebert will probably figure out that its Taylor by the final Quiz, and since he's faster he will win!"
Amelia: "Will, why do you assume I think the Mole is Taylor! I'm not so sure. I was leaning Englebert."
Will: "No! It's Taylor, Amelia. It can't be Englebert!"

Amelia: "Well, to be fair to everyone, how do I know the Mole's not you? What proof do we have of any of this?"
Will: "Taylor is sabotaging everything and everyone is ignoring it!"
Amelia: "Can you please give me an example? Name one time she sabotaged!"

Will: "Well, I can't think of one off the top of my head. Look, Amelia, I only want you to stay."
Amelia: "That's what you say, but I've been talking to everyone, and everyone comes up with elaborate stories about who should stay and go. How can I know you are telling the truth?"

Will: "Amelia, I hate you. And I mean, really, really hate you. But I'm making an effort to talk to you anyway that's all the proof you have. Do you believe me?"

Amelia: "Doesn't matter. Of course I'll say I believe you, but you have no way of knowing. This has all gotten so muddled and confusing. Everyone is whispering something different in you ear."

Will: "Amelia, your choice of either Taylor or Englebert on the next Quiz will determine your fate."
Amelia: "But I'm going to not win anyway, according to you, so what difference does it make."
Will: "An extra two days, and you never know. I could majorly screw up that last Quiz."
Amelia: "Will, I don't trust you. And yet..."

Englebert: "Taylor, you've been standing outside alone a lot lately."

Taylor: "Englebert, I think I'm going crazy."
Englebert: "You've already gone."
Taylor: "Stop it, I'm serious. Don't you see it?"

Englebert: "Um, see what?"
Taylor: "Looming, everywhere."
Englebert: "..."

Taylor: "Englebert, I think I'll win this whole thing. I've found the Mole. But something is happening."

Englebert: "Well, you know, we are getting down to it. Soon we will all know."
Taylor: "Down to it! The Mole, the Mole has been caught already!"

Englebert: "What are you babbling about?"
Taylor: "Someone knows the Mole, someone hasn't told anyone who they think the Mole is, someone is me!"

Englebert: "Taylor, are you alright?"
Taylor: "So much money in the pot, but I will win it all! The Mole is among us! I am next!"
Englebert: "Next?"
Taylor: "To go! You are the Moles! Englebert is the Mole! Amelia is the Mole! Will is the Mole!"

Englebert: "I'm going, Taylor. You quite strange this evening."
Taylor: "Maybe I am the Mole? Can you vote for yourself on the Quiz?"

Englebert: "She's snapping. Will probably be the next to go."

Taylor: "Do you hear me, Englebert? I am the Mole! Vote for me and be eliminated! Englebert? Englebert come back out here!"

Englebert: "Taylor? I think its time for bed."
Taylor: "I'm delirious, Englebert. But the end is near. Soon all will be clear, and finally I will know."
Englebert: "I do believe you are quite mad!"

Taylor: "Oh, not mad. This is what happens when you know the Mole, and when you are too scared to say."

Englebert: "Taylor, since you are obviously not well, I might as well ask. Are you the Mole?"
Taylor: "You would think that, wouldn't you? That's what I wanted. None of that matters now."
 Englebert: "Taylor? You aren't even looking at me?"

Taylor: "Look at the sky. Can't you see them? Moles everywhere! They are coming, the truth is coming out! One more of us must leave, and then it will be me, you, and the Mole. Just you wait, Englebert. You will know. But I think you already do."

Englebert: "But Taylor, I thought you thought I was the Mole!"
Taylor: "I thought I thought that too. I was wrong. The Mole isn't among us."
Englebert: "Who is it?"

Taylor: "This Mole has been clever. He has tempted me, lied to me. Made even his enemies not fear him."

Taylor: "But as we kissed, I knew. I knew he wasn't genuine. His lies are coming undone, Englebert."
Englebert: "So you think its..."

Taylor: "I know, he told me. The name of the Mole in the sky. Can't you see it?"
Englebert: "See? What is there to see?"

Taylor: "Will, and his name, the Mole..."

Pot: 504/1346

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